GTA 6 Leaked Trailer: 5 Hidden Gems You Might Have Overlooked - Uncover the Secrets of the Next Grand Theft Auto


Rockstar Games have officially released the GTA 6 trailer and here are the five things you have missed in the trailer.

GTA 6 trailer

One of the stand out feature in the trailer was the the facial expressions and the hairs of the Npcs.

Facial expressions

Another cool feature in this trailer was the use of social media by the npc's like Real world apps like Tik Tok and Instagram.

Social media

Various animals and birds including flamingos, Sharks, dolphins and Dogs where also seen in the trailer.


Wide variety of side characters and their detailing has been done with extra attention and care.

Side characters

The night graphics of the sky has been appearing as realistic as possible showing the Vice City at night.


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