VPN Vulnerabilities: Understanding How VPNs Can Be Hacked and Tips for Enhanced Cybersecurity

By cliolink.com

In this web story we will be going to check how can the VPN be hacked and how can we stay safe from it.


First of all answering your question, Yes the VPN services can be hacked but it is extremely difficult for the hackers.


Most premium Vpns uses AES or ChaCha encryption which can be extremely difficult to  decrypt using brute force attacks.

AES or ChaCha

VPN can be hacked by Vulnerabilities In VPN Protocols if the protocol is newly developed and implemented.

VPN Protocols

Secondly it can also be hacked Through Cryptographic Attacks for this VPN should not have anything less than the AES-128 cipher.

Cryptographic Attacks

Another way which can be used to hack your VPN is Through IP, DNS, or WebRTC leaks but you don't have to worry if you have premium vpns.

Through IP

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