Discover the truth about Proton VPN: Is it legit? Unravel the facts in 2023 for a clear perspective on its legitimacy

By cliolink.com

Let's dive you into the world of Proton VPN mystery, in this story we will find out Is Proton VPN legit or not.

VPN legit or not

Proton VPN is a trustworthy VPN you can have across the internet as it employees employs AES-256 encryption.


As it is based in Switzerland, it is known as one of the best VPN because there are strong privacy law in Switzerland.


Your online activities will remain private as there is one strict policy in Proton VPN which is no-logs policy.


This VPN undergoes regular third party checks and audits for its transparency and trust among the internet users.


So you can say that proton VPN can be trustworthy for privacy, security and speed. So the decision is up to you.


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