Unveiling Surfshark VPN: A Comprehensive Review of This Fresh and Unique Virtual Private Network

By cliolink.com

The company is based in Netherlands and is good in terms of privacy. And your personal data is not collected. Let's check some of it's cool features that we like.


This mode has the feature to hide that we were using an VPN others just hide our browsing activity.

Camouflage Mode

It supports different and latest protocols including OpenVPN and WireGuard protocol.

Various VPN Connections

Seamlessly Connect Multiple Devices Simultaneously with No Worries: Explore the Hassle-Free Experience of Connecting Various Devices at Once.

Unlimited Connections

Despite a 'No Logs' Policy, IP Addresses Are Recorded — Unveiling Observations on Privacy Practices.

IP Address Logging

Surfshark provides fast and secure connection. Also it has many VPN protocols. With all this it becomes one of the best VPN available.

Fast and secure

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