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Home » Panda Dome Antivirus Review 2024: Pricing, Plan, Features, Pros And Cons Is It Worth the Price?

Panda Dome Antivirus Review 2024: Pricing, Plan, Features, Pros And Cons Is It Worth the Price?

Panda Dome Antivirus Review

Panda Dome Antivirus Review Panda Dome Antivirus is a popular antivirus software that offers a range of features to protect your devices from malware, viruses, and other online threats. In terms of pricing, Panda Dome Antivirus offers different plans to suit the needs of individual users and businesses. The pricing is competitive compared to other antivirus software on the market, making it an affordable option for those looking for reliable protection.

In terms of features, Panda Dome Antivirus offers real-time protection, a firewall, web filtering, and USB device scanning, among others. These features work together to provide comprehensive protection against a wide range of threats. Additionally, Panda Dome Antivirus is compatible with multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Android.

Like any antivirus software, there are pros and cons to consider. Some of the pros include its user-friendly interface, efficient scanning capabilities, and cloud-based technology that helps reduce system resource usage. However, some users have reported occasional false positives during scans.

Ultimately, whether or not Panda Dome Antivirus is worth the price will depend on your specific needs and preferences. It is recommended to thoroughly evaluate the features and compare them with other antivirus options before making a decision.

Panda Dome is 100% safe to use. It is a legitimate antivirus that comes from a highly reputable cybersecurity company. It uses advanced scanning technology to block the latest malware and cyberattacks. It’s designed to protect against the latest malware threats, including viruses, spyware and ransomware.

Panda Dome Antivirus Review

Panda Dome has emerged as a strong contender for the title of the most aesthetically pleasing antivirus service. Upon reviewing their screenshots, one can appreciate the presence of attractive icons and visually appealing transparent backgrounds.

In terms of visuals, I have yet to come across another service that even comes close. However, it is important to note that appearances are not everything, and an effective antivirus requires more than just a visually pleasing user interface.

Therefore, in this comprehensive Panda Dome review, I will delve into various aspects such as their security suite, additional features, pricing structure, and quality of customer support. By doing so, we can gain a complete understanding of this service. Rest assured that if you are seeking detailed information about Panda Dome, you have arrived at the right destination.

Panda Dome Antivirus Review Key Informations

TotalAV Panda Dome
⭐ Rating:
🥇 Overall rank: #3 out of #25 #17 out of #25
🔥 Coupons: TotalAV coupon 84% OFF Panda Dome coupon 50% OFF
💵 Price: from $19.00/year, 3 devices from $23.99/year
✂️ Free version: Yes Yes
🖥️ Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

Panda Dome Security Features

Panda Dome is a comprehensive antivirus software that offers a range of security features to protect your devices from malware, viruses, and other cyber threats. With its advanced threat detection technology and real-time protection, Panda Dome provides a strong defense against online attacks.

In addition to traditional antivirus features, Panda Dome also offers additional tools such as a VPN, password manager, and parental controls, making it a well-rounded security solution for both individuals and businesses. As for pricing, Panda Dome offers different plans to suit various needs and budgets.

While it may not be the cheapest option on the market, many users find that the extensive features and reliable performance make it worth the price. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not Panda Dome is worth the investment will depend on your specific security needs and preferences.

Panda pros and cons

Panda Dome Full Review

Panda provides an antivirus scanner that is decent, although not flawless. It boasts numerous features and flexible pricing options. The user interface is visually appealing, showcasing all of its features, and it performed well in the majority of my tests. However, it falls short compared to top competitors like Norton and Bitdefender as it was unable to detect all of my malware samples.

Panda offers a free plan for Windows and Android, along with four paid options that cover all operating systems. Additionally, there is a free version of the VPN available on the iOS app. The paid options allow you to choose the number of devices you want to protect (1, 3, 5, 10, or unlimited) and the duration of your subscription. This flexibility makes it easy for you to select the plan that best suits your needs and budget.

Overview of Panda Dome’s plans

Panda Dome Free Panda Dome Essential Panda Dome Advanced Panda Dome Complete Panda Dome Premium
Platforms Windows, Android, Mac Windows, Android, Mac, iOS Windows, Android, Mac, iOS Windows, Android, Mac, iOS Windows, Android, Mac, iOS
Price Free INR2,010 / year INR1,910 / year INR3,590 / year INR5,590 / year
Number of device licenses 1 1, 3, 5, 10, or unlimited 1, 3, 5, 10, or unlimited 1, 3, 5, 10, or unlimited 1, 3, 5, 10, or unlimited
Malware scanning & removal
Real-time protection
Ransomware protection
Web protection
Wi-Fi protection
Password manager
VPN (150 MB/day)
VPN (unlimited data)
Parental controls (website filtering)
External device scanner
Gaming mode
PC cleaner
24/7 customer support

Password manager

If you subscribe to Panda Dome Complete or Premium, you will receive a fully-featured password manager. However, if you are using the Free, Essential, or Advanced editions, clicking on the password manager button will redirect you to the web version. Interestingly, the software itself is a modified version of the Password Depot password manager.

It functions in a similar manner to other password managers – you establish a master password and store your credentials in a secure vault. Similar to Password Depot, Panda’s password manager also includes a password analyzer. This feature informs you about the strength of your passwords and estimates how long it would take for them to be cracked.

Additionally, there are other useful features such as a password generator. By clicking on this option, you can create secure passwords by generating a random selection of symbols. This is particularly beneficial for individuals concerned about someone deciphering their pattern of generated passwords.

PC Cleanup

Users of Complete and Premium Panda Dome also receive a cleanup tool, which combines the functionalities of Defragmenter, Boot Manager, Registry Cleaner, and Scheduled Cleanup. Each function performs as its name suggests.

The Defragmenter utilizes the built-in Windows 10 tool, indicating that no third-party feature is included. While Boot Manager has its own user interface, it doesn’t differ significantly from Startup Options in the Windows Task Manager.

Similarly, Scheduled Cleanup launches the same cleanup tool with time options. In reality, the only feature truly associated with Panda Dome is their registry cleanup tool. On paper, this feature may appear more valuable than it actually is. It provides a similar level of benefit as Avast’s Cleanup Premium or AVG TuneUp.

Safe Browsing

All paid plans of Panda Dome include the feature of Safe Browsing. This feature acts as a web filter and prevents access to harmful URLs that are either listed on Panda’s blacklist or specified by the user. Users have the option to add custom rules to allow certain addresses to bypass this block.

They can either specify exact addresses or use a broader rule that includes addresses with similar beginnings. This significantly enhances the usefulness of this feature. If you visit the Safe Browsing tab, you will find a chart displaying the number of URLs that were blocked and allowed. The chart also categorizes the addresses into two main categories: malware and phishing.

Update manager

Ensuring that your apps are not vulnerable to hackers is crucial, and this can be achieved by keeping your software up to date. However, manually checking for updates can be a tedious process that few users are willing to do. Panda Dome aims to simplify the task of keeping your software updated by offering an easier solution.

You have the option to set it up in a way that it only bothers you for critical updates. Additionally, there is an update history tab that provides easy access, allowing you to identify the source of any issues that may arise after patching. Furthermore, you can schedule update searches, which helps manage the system resources utilized by your antivirus.

After performing a search, I found that both WinRAR and Firefox were in need of updates. While the severity level of the former was categorized as Low, the Firefox update was ranked as Critical. This discrepancy in severity levels is based on logical reasoning.

USB Protection

If your business depends heavily on receiving data from multiple individuals through USB thumb drives, you may be putting yourself at risk of getting infected. It may not always be practical to perform a comprehensive system scan to ensure that no damage was caused by the previous USB stick you inserted.

Fortunately, Panda Dome offers a straightforward solution – they provide automated USB Protection. Once you activate this feature, every thumb drive you connect will undergo an automatic scan before any harmful content can spread to your hard drive. Additionally, this should eliminate any malware present on the thumb drive itself, ensuring that it is no longer a threat to other devices.

Data Shield

By utilizing the Data Shield feature, you have the ability to establish a protective barrier against harmful malware and ransomware. This functionality is achieved by designating a specific folder or program, which effectively prevents unauthorized access and ensures its integrity remains intact. Consequently, this designated area cannot be altered or compromised in any way.

In the event that your device does become infected with ransomware, this encrypted partition will remain inaccessible to other programs, including ransomware itself. In theory, this means that you could disconnect your hard drive and connect it to another computer, enabling you to freely copy the files without having to succumb to hackers’ demands.

While most providers offer some level of protection against ransomware, their primary focus is typically on preventing malware from infiltrating your system. Panda Dome, however, takes a distinct approach.


Complete and Premium plan subscribers have access to a remote monitoring suite known as Anti-theft. To activate this feature, you will need to verify your account and password, even if you are already logged in. Additionally, you will be required to add your device to the protected list. Once these steps are completed, you will be able to remotely track your device.

When you log into your Panda Dome account, you will see the location of your laptop on the map, as long as it is connected to the internet. Similar versions of this feature are also available for mobile devices. These versions offer more value since they can be set to always remain online. It is important to remember to enable an appropriate screen lock method when utilizing this feature.


The VPN functionality is exclusively available to users with a Premium plan. Panda Dome does not directly provide this feature. Instead, it licenses Hotspot Shield’s VPN services (similarly, Bitdefender also follows this approach for its VPN). However, purchasing directly without involving Panda Dome would result in a superior level of service.

To begin with, none of the Panda Dome apps have a built-in kill switch functionality. This means that the service is not suitable for activities where maintaining your anonymity is crucial. Furthermore, the app offers fewer customization options and the number of simultaneous connections is limited to the number of licenses you have.

For example, if your plan allows installation on five devices, you can only have five simultaneous connections. However, where the service excels is in terms of speed. The speeds are incredibly fast, similar to what you would expect from Hotspot Shield, and can even rival some dedicated third-party VPN providers.

Is Panda Dome safe?

Panda Dome, an antivirus suite known for its safety, does have a few drawbacks. In terms of malware lab test scores, it falls short compared to its competitors. In March, AV-Comparatives conducted extensive testing on Panda Dome. The results showed an overall detection rate of 99.98% when combining online and offline methods.

However, there were a higher number of false positives – 65 cases. Most top-performing services typically have no more than 10 false positives, which puts Panda at a disadvantage. As a result, its final evaluation is classified as Standard, which is lower than the Advanced and Advanced+ ranks mainly due to the issue of false positives.

The AV-Test evaluation conducted in 2018, which was several years ago, resulted in the acquisition of the AV-Test certified badge by Panda Dome. Their malware scores were commendable. However, it would be beneficial to have more recent results for users to gain greater confidence. Overall, the antivirus capabilities of Panda Dome appear to be excellent.

Nonetheless, additional data would be advantageous, as well as a decrease in the number of false positives. The availability of features varies depending on the edition chosen. The disparity between the Free edition and Premium is significant; they could almost be considered as separate products. For this review, I will be examining the full suite of features, so please consider this when contemplating a subscription.

Pricing & Plans

There are five distinct plans offered by Panda Dome, namely Free, Essential, Advanced, Complete, and Premium. Each plan has its own pricing structure and a unique set of features. It is worth noting that certain features such as the VPN or password manager can be bought individually, but I would not advise doing so as purchasing the antivirus bundle with these features will ultimately save you money.

Version Features Pricing
Free Malware scans, real-time protection, VPN (150 MB/day), Smart Shopping, Secure browser, USB protection, Rescue kit, Process monitor $0.00
Essential All the features from Free, with Safe Browsing, Firewall, Application Control, Wi-Fi protection, Virtual keyboard, Anti-theft (mobile-only) $23.99/year for 1 device
Advanced All the features from Essential with Parental controls, Web filter, and Data shield $28.49/year for 1 device
Complete All the features from Advanced with full password manager, anti-theft tools, file encryption, shredder, and PC Cleanup $42.99/year for 1 device
Premium All the features from Complete with update manager, VIP tech support, and unlimited VPN $66.99/year for 1 device

Panda Dome Free

If you are absolutely determined to save every penny, Panda Dome does offer a free version. At no expense, you can access a wide range of features.

  • Real-time offline protection
  • Extensive malware scans
  • VPN with a data cap of 150MB/day
  • Smart shopping (a plug-in that finds better deals when you’re shopping online)
  • Secure browser
  • USB protection
  • Rescue kit (creates a copy of portable Panda Dome on your thumb drive to scan other infected devices)
  • Process monitor

Previously, the Safe Browsing feature was a part of this plan but it has now been transferred to the Essential edition. As a result, while Panda Dome may be sufficient for checking offline issues, it does not provide coverage for your online activities. In fact, Panda Dome can only take action against malware after it has been downloaded, potentially leading to delays that could be detrimental. Nevertheless, the service is being provided to you at no cost.

Panda Dome Essential

The cheapest paid option available is Essential. It provides the same features as the free version and enhances them even more.

  • Safe Browsing
  • Firewall
  • Application Control
  • Wi-Fi protection
  • Virtual keyboard
  • Anti-theft tools for mobile devices

The online options are enhanced with this plan, creating a more comprehensive suite. However, there is a cost associated with this. The Essential plan is priced at $23.99/year for one device, but opting for a longer subscription would result in a lower overall cost.

Panda Dome Advanced

If you adhere to the principle that the second least expensive wine is always the finest, you may want to contemplate opting for Panda Dome Advanced. This option not only encompasses all the features of their lower-priced package but also brings additional features to the table.

  • Parental Controls
  • Web filter
  • Data shield

Panda Dome offers the second most affordable option, with a price of $28.49 per year for one device. It is important to carefully consider this offer and determine if the three additional features justify the higher cost.

Panda Dome Complete

Based on its name, one might assume that the Complete edition includes all the features and is the priciest option. However, this is not accurate. The Complete plan is actually the second most expensive offering. It builds upon the Advanced plan by incorporating these additional features:

  • Full password manager functionality
  • Laptop anti-theft tools
  • File encryption
  • File shredder
  • PC Cleanup

This suite is significantly more robust, and its price reflects that. The Complete package starts at $42.99 per year for a single device.

Panda Dome Premium

If you find the rest of the plans lacking in features, then Panda Dome Premium is the solution. This ultimate version includes all the features, making it the ideal choice for those who want everything. It offers:

  • Update manager
  • VIP tech support
  • Unlimited VPN

Not only does their VIP support extend beyond their live chat, but it also encompasses aspects such as email security settings, social media account privacy audits, and even provides aid with peripherals like printers.

In essence, you are acquiring your very own personal IT consultant who can assist you with nearly any issue that may arise. The price for this service is $66.99 per year or $5.58 per month for a single device. While this may seem expensive, the value you receive (assuming you require all the features) is substantial.

Is Panda worth the money?

While the Free plan may not meet all expectations, the paid version of Panda Dome strives to provide an abundance of features. It can be said that Panda Dome is undeniably a top-tier service. I suspect that a number of users might find it difficult to justify the expense of the pricier Panda Dome plans. However, there will undoubtedly be individuals who see the value in these plans, especially if they require access to all the available features. In such cases, this antivirus suite could prove to be a worthwhile investment.

Easy Use Interface Environment & Setup

The service was specifically designed to cater to new users, and this is evident. Each setup step will be made as easy and hassle-free as possible. You won’t come across any deceptive tactics such as Avast installing additional applications alongside your antivirus software. This principle even extends to their free version. Therefore, regardless of the platform you are using, your setup process should proceed seamlessly.

Windows app

The Panda Dome Windows application is likely the most superior version of this antivirus software. Initially, it appears that there are only five choices displayed on the main screen. However, after some time, I discovered that you can scroll down to uncover an additional four rows of supplementary features that are available for access. It can be perplexing to discern certain options solely from the icons that need to be clicked.

Additionally, there are certain features that do not meet the same level of quality as others. To illustrate, the defragmenter tool simply launches the pre-installed Windows defragmentation tool. Although the update manager did not exhibit the desired level of responsiveness and speed, apart from that, there is an extensive range of features available.

macOS app

The Windows app is much leaner in comparison and has a distinct design. The macOS version, on the other hand, has a more playful and animated interface. Only the antivirus, web filter, and VPN features made it to the macOS version, which could be considered the most crucial ones. However, it is somewhat surprising that the password manager, parental controls, and firewall were not included.

In addition, it is important to note that the password manager operates solely within the web browser. I was shocked by the lengthy duration it took for the fast scan to finish. Instead of taking less than a minute on Windows, it took approximately 30 minutes to reach halfway. However, it is worth mentioning that our macOS test unit is slightly slower, so this should not be interpreted as an exact comparison.

Android app

The application boasts an attractive and user-friendly interface, which allows for a speedy scanning process. Additionally, this version includes various features such as anti-theft, app locking, and parental controls.

There are certain unique features available, such as a call blocker and Privacy Auditor. The Privacy Auditor enables you to view the permissions that each app on your phone has. In terms of features, I would say that this app falls somewhere between the Windows and macOS versions.

iOS app

The features of this version of the app closely resemble those of the Android app, with the exception of a few missing features. In this version, users can access parental controls, anti-theft measures, a VPN, and the antivirus itself. It appears that Panda Dome adheres to the prevailing trend of subpar iOS apps.

 24*7/*365 Live Customer Support

If you require assistance for any reason, Panda Dome offers an extensive FAQ section. This resource allows you to diagnose and resolve common issues that may arise while using the apps. The guides are regularly updated, making it easy for you to navigate and find the information you need. In the event that the FAQ section does not provide a satisfactory solution, Panda Dome also offers a ticket system.

By providing all the necessary details, you can reach out to their customer support agents who will assist you. For subscribers to the premium plan, there is the added benefit of 24/7 unlimited technical support. This level of customer support is exceptional and unparalleled in my experience. However, it is important to note that this premium option comes with a significant price tag.

How good is Panda antivirus?

Panda Dome offers an excellent antivirus service that includes effective malware protection and valuable subscription perks. The free version alone provides a VPN and malware scanning, while the paid options offer even more features to enhance usability.

However, it is worth noting that the malware removal tools may occasionally identify false positives. Additionally, certain features rely on the operating system’s built-in tools, and some of the higher-priced plans are undoubtedly costly. Despite these drawbacks, Panda Dome remains a beneficial choice for individuals in need of advanced features.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Panda Dome Antivirus Review

Is Panda Dome safe?

Panda Dome is 100% safe to use. It is a legitimate antivirus that comes from a highly reputable cybersecurity company. It uses advanced scanning technology to block the latest malware and cyberattacks. It’s designed to protect against the latest malware threats, including viruses, spyware, and ransomware.

Does Panda Dome work on Macs?

Yes, Panda does have a macOS version. It includes:

  • Antivirus scanning.
  • Web protection.
  • Integrated VPN.

Although I am let down by the limited features that Panda provides for macOS, I firmly believe it is among the top antivirus software options for Mac. This is especially true if you desire a straightforward and uncomplicated antivirus program that can be easily installed and requires minimal attention.

Is Panda Dome good at detecting malware?

In my malware tests, Panda’s antivirus scanning engine demonstrated strong performance. However, it did not achieve a perfect 100% detection rate in every case. Nonetheless, it was successful in:

  • Detect over 95% of all of the non-executed malware sample files during a full system scan.
  • Block 100% of the executed ransomware samples.
  • Remove 100% of pre-installed spyware.

Panda’s cloud-based scanning tool, known as “Panda Cloud Cleaner,” offered a more advanced system scan that was able to detect deeply embedded suspicious files. However, despite testing it with the same set of malware samples used in the initial antivirus tests, it still failed to identify certain files.

Is Panda VPN safe to use?

Panda’s VPN is a secure option for users. It is backed by the reputable VPN provider, Hotspot Shield, and guarantees the protection of your connection and IP address from tracking. Additionally, Panda’s VPN offers the following features:

  • A strict no-logs policy.
  • 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Multiple device support (up to 5 simultaneous connections).

Despite my attempt to measure the VPN’s average speed, it did not demonstrate remarkable swiftness. Additionally, its server options and features are restricted. Only the highest-priced Panda plan provides unrestricted browsing data and access to all of Panda’s global servers.

Can I trust Panda Antivirus?

Panda Dome, produced by Panda Security, is renowned globally as one of the most reliable antivirus services. This Spanish company is headquartered in Madrid.

Is Panda better than Norton?

In my opinion, Norton offers a slightly higher level of security against malware and can provide a similar set of features. Moreover, their pricing is much more reasonable compared to the offerings of Panda.

Is Panda Dome free any good?

Panda Dome offers a wide range of features at no cost in its free version. If you are specifically seeking offline protection without any charges, this can be considered one of the top choices available.

What is Panda Dome Anti Virus?

Panda Dome offers maximum security against viruses, ransomware, and cyberespionage for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Learn more about our plans. Approved by experts and recommended by our users. Learn more about our plans.

Is Panda Dome trustworthy?

Panda Dome is a perfectly safe antivirus suite, but it has some drawbacks. Their malware lab test scores don’t seem to be that impressive, especially when stacked against the competition. AV-Comparatives tested Panda Dome extensively in March.

Is Panda Free Antivirus good?

Not the Best Free Antivirus The former offers traditional antivirus protection, while the latter ventures into the security suite realm. Panda Free Antivirus has an attractive user interface, but it lacks protection against dangerous and fraudulent websites and its test scores vary from excellent to dismal.

Is Panda antivirus Chinese?

Panda Security is a Spanish cybersecurity software company. Panda Security’s core offering is antivirus software and more recently has expanded into providing and developing cybersecurity software.

Bottom Line

Panda is an antivirus software that offers reliable protection against malware and includes a wide range of supplementary functions. These features encompass password management, file encryption, and an exceptional Rescue Kit that effectively eliminates malware from infected computers. Nevertheless, it is important to note that not all of Panda’s features are equally impressive.

In my personal tests, I found both the VPN and web protection to be underwhelming in terms of performance. Additionally, I encountered unsatisfactory customer support from Panda, which ranks among the worst I have experienced. On a positive note, Panda provides multiple package options to choose from, all of which come with a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

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