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Best VPN for Firestick in 2024

Best VPN for Firestick

Best VPN for Firestick The Amazon Firestick is a small gadget capable of transforming any TV or computer monitor equipped with an HDMI port into a fully functional smart TV. Moreover, you can enhance its capabilities even more by using the top VPN for Firestick.

With the help of a VPN, it becomes effortless to view movies and TV shows that are typically unavailable in your area. By utilizing this software, you can reroute your connection through a different country, thereby bypassing geographical restrictions on entertainment content. Furthermore, your online activities will remain completely hidden from your internet service provider and any other unwelcome observers.

Nevertheless, not all VPNs meet the criteria to be considered suitable for use with the Amazon Fire TV Stick. It is essential that the VPN service provides high-speed connectivity, a wide selection of servers across the globe, and an application compatible with FireOS. As a result, we have curated a list of the top 7 VPNs that movie enthusiasts should take into account when using Fire Stick.

Best VPNs for Firestick in 2024

1. NordVPN the best VPN for Firestick in 2024
2. Surfshark cheapest premium Firestick VPN for lag-free streaming
3. AtlasVPN reliable Amazon Fire TV VPN that’s beginner-friendly
4. ExpressVPN  Fire TV Stick VPN for easy streaming anywhere
5. CyberGhost  Firestick VPN with streaming-optimized servers

Why do I need a VPN for Firestick?

There are numerous reasons why it is advisable to utilize a VPN for Firestick, and its benefits extend beyond streaming. Below, we outline the primary justifications for including a VPN on your Fire TV devices:


Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) can provide you with increased security and privacy when browsing the internet. A VPN encrypts your data, which makes it more difficult for hackers to access and compromise your information. Additionally, if you’re using a Firestick VPN, it can prevent your ISP (Internet Service Provider) from monitoring your online activity and slowing down your internet speed based on the websites or apps you use. This can help ensure that you have a smooth and uninterrupted online experience without any unnecessary interferences.

Access streaming sites

If you’re a Firestick user looking to access streaming sites that are not available in your region, a VPN can be an effective solution. By changing your server location, you can unblock various streaming platforms and expand your viewing options. For instance, the best VPN for Firestick UK can grant you access to BBC iPlayer, which may be unavailable in other countries. With a reliable VPN, you can watch content from all over the world without any restrictions or limitations. However, it’s important to choose a reputable and trustworthy VPN service provider to ensure that your online activities remain secure and private.

Unblock different content libraries

Content libraries offered by streaming platforms vary based on licensing agreements with movie studios. However, using a Fire TV Stick VPN can enable you to access different content libraries and stream content that is only available in other countries. This means that you can watch popular shows and movies that may not be available in your region due to licensing restrictions. With the help of a VPN, you can browse through different content libraries and enjoy a diverse range of entertainment options from all around the world. It’s important to note that while using a VPN to access geo-restricted content may be legal, it is essential to use it responsibly and respect copyright laws.

Best VPNs for Amazon Firestick in 2024 Full Detailed list

After conducting a thorough analysis, we have evaluated 42 VPNs that offer excellent applications for Amazon Fire TV devices, including the Amazon Fire TV stick and Fire Cube. Our research involved testing their dedicated Fire TV Stick ads, their ability to bypass geo-restrictions, streaming speeds, and various other factors. Based on our evaluations, we have compiled a list of the top VPNs for Amazon Fire TV Stick.

1. NordVPN: best VPN for Amazon Fire TV Stick in 2024

Unblocks: Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and more
Servers/countries: 5,800+ servers in 60 countries
Maximum connections: 6
Current deal: Black Friday! Get NordVPN with 69% OFF + 3 months FREE!

NordVPN stands out as the top VPN choice for Firestick devices. You can conveniently find its dedicated app on the Amazon Appstore, and thanks to its impressive speed capabilities, streaming in HD or 4K is a breeze. Additionally, this VPN excels at circumventing geo-restrictions on various streaming platforms.


NordVPN stands out as an exceptional VPN for streaming. We conducted thorough testing on its streaming capabilities with Firestick, and NordVPN performed exceptionally well on popular platforms such as Netflix (including 16 libraries, including the US), YouTube, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Max. Moreover, this VPN incorporates the Smart DNS feature, enabling you to stream seamlessly even on devices that do not support VPNs.

Security and privacy

NordVPN guarantees the security of your data by utilizing the robust AES-256 encryption. Furthermore, upon reviewing its audited no-logs policy, we discovered that it genuinely does not store any information about you. Even the data that is retained for the purpose of enhancing its services can be opted out of.


NordVPN ensures a smooth streaming experience by employing the high-speed NordLynx tunneling protocol, which maintains 90% of the initial speed. Our tests revealed that even when connected to servers in Japan to access the Netflix Japan library, the performance remained above 70% of the original speed, regardless of the distance.


The Fire TV app is specifically designed for easy setup and management. It is compatible with 2nd & 3rd generation, 4K, and 4K Max Fire Stick TV devices.

Getting NordVPN up and running on Firestick is a straightforward process that comes at an affordable price of just $2.99 per month, allowing for 6 simultaneous connections. With one subscription, you can enjoy streaming movies on Fire Stick alongside your loved ones. Additionally, if you find yourself unsatisfied with the services, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee in place.

2. Surfshark: top Firestick VPN for lag-free streaming experience

Unblocks: Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and more
Servers/countries: 3,200+ servers in 100 countries
Maximum connections: Unlimited
Current deal: Black Friday! Get 80% OFF Surfshark + 5 months FREE

Surfshark is a top-notch VPN for Firestick that provides state-of-the-art security and can be used on multiple devices. It delivers outstanding performance and comes with additional features such as Smart DNS, which enhances the streaming experience. Moreover, it offers an IP rotator and MultiHop functionality that enables you to change your IP address. Therefore, Surfshark is an exceptional VPN choice for streaming on Fire TV devices.


Firestick has undergone numerous tests, all of which have been successful in unblocking popular streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and more. The device also boasts a Smart DNS feature that enhances streaming quality and ensures secure connections. With this feature, users can stream their favorite content without any lag or buffering issues. The Smart DNS technology works by rerouting the user’s internet traffic through a proxy server, enabling them to access geo-restricted content from different regions. Overall, Firestick is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a seamless and reliable streaming experience.

Security and privacy

Surfshark offers top-notch security features to protect your data. It uses AES-256 encryption, which is an industry-standard encryption protocol that ensures the confidentiality of your online activities. Additionally, it operates on RAM-only servers, meaning that none of your personal data is stored anywhere, giving you complete peace of mind. With Surfshark, you can browse the internet with confidence, knowing that your online privacy and security are in good hands.


This VPN is known for delivering outstanding speeds, thanks to the next-generation WireGuard tunneling protocol. This technology provides a reliable and lag-free streaming experience by ensuring stable connections. With this VPN enabled, users can expect to retain close to 86% of their original speeds, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for high-speed internet connectivity. Additionally, the VPN offers powerful security features such as encryption and a no-logs policy, which makes it a safe and secure choice for online privacy protection.


The Fire TV Stick app provided by Surfshark is designed with user-friendliness in mind, allowing for a quick and direct download and installation onto your streaming device. It seamlessly works with 2nd and 3rd generation Fire TV devices, as well as the 4K version. Moreover, Surfshark offers prices starting at an incredibly low $1.99 per month, and their packages include a generous 30-day money-back guarantee. This makes Surfshark the most affordable VPN option for Firestick and all your streaming needs. Find out everything you need to know in our Surfshark VPN review or see how Surfshark vs NordVPN stack up.

3. Atlas VPN: secure and user-friendly Amazon Fire TV VPN

Unblocks: Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube
Servers/countries: 1,000+ servers in 42 countries
Maximum connections: Unlimited
Current deal: Black Friday! Get Atlas VPN, now 86% OFF + 6 months FREE!

Atlas VPN is a VPN for Fire TV Stick that guarantees excellent performance and provides a dedicated app specifically designed for these devices. Moreover, it enables you to connect an unlimited number of devices, allowing you to easily share this VPN with your family or friends.


To ascertain which streaming services Atlas VPN can unblock, we conducted a thorough examination. It successfully circumvented restrictions on various Netflix libraries, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and Max. Although its server network consisting of over 1,000 servers in 42 countries is not the most extensive, if you require a VPN with a greater number of locations, NordVPN with its 60 locations is the ideal choice for you.


The speed capabilities of Atlas VPN were also put to the test using its WireGuard protocol. The results showed that, on average, the provider is able to maintain 80% of the initial connection speeds, which is more than sufficient for streaming without any buffering.


Similar to the other providers mentioned, Atlas VPN offers dedicated apps for Fire TV and FireStick. However, please note that this does not apply to the 1st and 2nd generations of Fire TV devices. On their website, you can find informative guides on how to set up Atlas VPN. Starting at $1.64 per month, Atlas VPN offers a range of pricing options. They even have a free version with limited features, although it is not compatible with Firestick. Additionally, all annual plans come with a standard 30-day money-back guarantee.

4. ExpressVPN: reliable VPN for Fire Stick devices to unblock various streaming services

Unblocks: Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and more
Servers/countries: 3,000+ servers in 105 countries
Maximum connections: 8
Current deal: Black Friday! Get ExpressVPN, now 49% OFF + 3 months FREE! 

ExpressVPN is recognized for its reliability as a streaming VPN, making it an excellent choice for a Firestick VPN. It offers a dedicated app specifically designed for Amazon Fire TV devices, an extensive server network spanning 105 countries, and the ability to unblock all major streaming platforms. Choosing this VPN will undoubtedly be a decision you won’t regret.


During our testing, we were able to effectively overcome the geo-restrictions on all the major streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, and more. Additionally, this VPN guarantees excellent streaming performance with high-speed connections and servers specifically optimized for streaming purposes.

Security and privacy

ExpressVPN employs the robust AES-256 encryption to ensure the security of your data. Upon reviewing its privacy policy, we discovered that it genuinely does not gather any information regarding your online activities.


The VPN’s exclusive Lightway tunneling protocol ensures consistent and dependable speed outcomes. Even the server that was farthest from our location exhibited a mere 34% decrease in speeds during testing, while maintaining an average of 77% of the initial connection speed. Therefore, you can stream content without experiencing buffering or delays.


You have the option to install a dedicated app for ExpressVPN on your Fire TV Stick. Furthermore, this app is compatible with 2nd and 3rd generations, as well as 4K and 4K Max devices. ExpressVPN is the priciest VPN choice mentioned here. If you are seeking more affordable prices and the ability to connect to more devices, consider looking into Surfshark. On the other hand, ExpressVPN offers its lowest subscription price at $6.67 per month, which allows you to protect up to 8 devices. Want more information? Explore our Express VPN review or do a NordVPN vs ExpressVPN analysis.

5. CyberGhost: VPN for Fire TV devices with streaming-optimized servers

Unblocks: Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+
Servers/countries: 10,200+ servers in 100 countries
Maximum connections: 7
Current deal: Black Friday! Get CyberGhost VPN, now 84% + 4 months FREE!

CyberGhost stands out from its competitors due to its extensive fleet of servers, which are available at affordable prices. This VPN boasts a staggering 10,200 servers across 100 locations and also offers a specialized app for Amazon Firestick.


During our testing of CyberGhost on different streaming platforms, we found that it was able to unblock most of them effortlessly. It had no trouble accessing multiple Netflix libraries, Hulu, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and other popular streaming services. CyberGhost’s ability to bypass geo-restrictions and deliver uninterrupted streaming experiences makes it an excellent choice for people who enjoy watching content from around the world. Additionally, its fast server speeds ensure that you can stream in high-quality without buffering or lagging issues.

Security and privacy

CyberGhost is a top provider of online security services and utilizes the standard but unbreakable AES-256 encryption method, which is used by other leading providers as well. The company’s privacy policy has been audited, and it states that CyberGhost does not collect or log any information about its users’ online activities. This means that your data remains private and secure, and only accessible to you. With this level of protection, you can surf the internet with peace of mind knowing that your online identity and personal information are safe from prying eyes.


Utilizing the WireGuard protocol, this VPN guarantees excellent streaming speeds, as it is known to be one of the fastest protocols available. Throughout our testing process, we encountered minimal buffering problems and maintained nearly 86% of the initial speed while enjoying content.


When choosing CyberGhost, you will receive a specialized app for Fire TV Stick. This app is compatible with Firestick devices from the 2nd generation onwards. CyberGhost offers an affordable choice, starting at $2.04/month. Additionally, you can connect up to 7 devices on a single account. If this device limit appears insufficient, consider Surfshark which allows unlimited connections for just $1.99/month. Furthermore, CyberGhost provides a 45-day money-back guarantee on all annual plans.

CyberGhost review

6. IPVanish: secure VPN for Firestick devices

Unblocks: Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Disney+, and more
Servers/countries: 2,200+ servers in 52 countries
Maximum connections: Unlimited
Current deal: Black Friday! Get 81% OFF IPVanish + 3 months free!

IPVanish is another VPN that is secure and optimized for streaming on Firestick. It offers a dedicated app for Fire TV devices, and all of its plans include unlimited simultaneous connections.


In our analysis, it was discovered that IPVanish has the ability to bypass restrictions on Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube TV, HBO Max, and other platforms. Boasting a vast network of over 2,200 servers spread across 52 countries, you can be assured of an ample selection of entertainment options.

Security and privacy

IPVanish, like any other leading VPN, will protect your data using robust AES encryption. We have reviewed its privacy policy and can confirm that the provider does not gather any logs of your information, which has been verified by an independent audit as well.


The WireGuard protocol offers impressive speeds – we encountered no buffering and maintained a speed retention rate of 70% to 80%. This VPN allows you to enjoy HD streaming of your favorite shows using the Fire TV Stick device.


IPVanish offers an excellent app specifically designed for Fire TV Stick, which is compatible with 2nd and newer-generation devices and includes a kill switch feature. Additionally, the provider’s knowledge center provides helpful setup guides. Moreover, IPVanish offers a reasonable price, with subscriptions available for as low as $2.49 per month. Furthermore, you can test the service risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee and receive a full refund if you decide to cancel.

IPVanish review

7. PureVPN: Firestick VPN with a large server fleet in diverse locations

Unblocks: Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube
Servers/countries: 6,500+ servers in 65 countries
Maximum connections: 10
Current deal: Get PureVPN, now 83% OFF + 3 months FREE!

PureVPN is an ideal Virtual Private Network (VPN) for Fire TV Stick devices because of its dedicated app, comprehensive security measures, and a wide range of server locations. With over 6,500 servers located in 65 countries, users can enjoy up to 10 simultaneous connections. PureVPN offers advanced encryption protocols and secure tunneling that ensures user privacy and protects against cyber threats. The dedicated app for Fire TV Stick makes it easy to set up and use the VPN on your device. Additionally, its fast connection speeds allow seamless streaming of content without buffering or lag. Overall, PureVPN is a reliable and efficient VPN service that provides excellent features for Fire TV Stick users.


After conducting tests on multiple streaming sites, PureVPN was able to access only Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and YouTube. Unfortunately, it faced difficulties when it came to accessing content platforms such as Max, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+. If your goal is to access a wider range of services, NordVPN would be a better choice for you. It is known for its ability to bypass geo-restrictions on popular streaming sites and offers a larger selection of servers in various countries. Additionally, NordVPN provides fast connection speeds and robust security features that ensure your privacy online while enjoying your favorite content.

Security and privacy

PureVPN is a reliable VPN service that is known for its speed, security, and ability to bypass geo-restrictions. It employs AES-256 encryption, which is also used by other top VPN providers, to ensure maximum security for its users’ online activities. In addition to providing access to restricted content, PureVPN’s advanced security features make it an excellent choice for those looking to secure their online privacy and protect themselves from cyber threats. Its user-friendly interface and availability on multiple devices make it a convenient option for anyone looking for a high-quality VPN service.


PureVPN offers excellent speeds with the WireGuard protocol. Our tests revealed that it retained 65-70% of the original connection speed, making HD and 4K streaming on Firestick a seamless experience. The WireGuard protocol is known for its efficiency in minimizing latency and improving network performance. It also provides robust security features to ensure your online privacy and protect you from cyber threats. With PureVPN’s WireGuard support, you can enjoy fast and reliable connections without compromising on security. Whether you’re streaming your favorite content or browsing the web, PureVPN’s WireGuard protocol ensures a smooth and secure online experience.


PureVPN offers a specialized application and is compatible with both 2nd and 3rd generation Fire TV Sticks, as well as the 4K Fire TV Stick devices. The subscription plans for PureVPN begin at just $2.08 per month, and users can even avail a 7-day trial for less than one dollar. Additionally, there is an opportunity to test the service without any financial risk through an extended 31-day money-back guarantee.


Other VPNs we tested for Firestick

After conducting tests on 42 VPNs, we evaluated their compatibility with Firestick devices. However, not all of them met our criteria to be included in the list. Although some providers came close, they ultimately didn’t make it. If you’re looking for alternative VPNs for Firestick, here are a few options you can consider trying out:

Private VPN iThis is a dependable choice that offers strong security features and the ability to access various streaming sites. Nonetheless, the speed can be inconsistent, making it less ideal for uninterrupted streaming.

Ivacy VPN The VPN app for Firestick is simple and easy to use, providing streaming-optimized servers to enhance the user’s experience. However, it lacks the WireGuard protocol, resulting in speeds averaging at 30-50% during our testing.

Proton VPN This VPN is designed to be easy for users to navigate and can access a wide range of streaming services. It also has a dedicated app for Firestick, and there is even a free version available with certain limitations. However, it should be noted that the price is relatively high at $3.99 per month.

How we tested these Firestick VPNs

In order to evaluate the VPNs in our list, we initially assessed their compatibility with Fire devices. To do this, we conducted tests using a 2nd generation Firestick. It’s worth noting that these providers are also compatible with 1st generation Firestick VPNs, albeit with different installation methods. Furthermore, we evaluated the speed, ability to bypass restrictions, security features, and app management capabilities of these VPNs on a Virtualbox VM running Windows 11 on a Lenovo ThinkPad T14s Gen 2 device. Here are the criteria that guided us in selecting the top Firestick VPNs:


In order to be included on this list, a VPN needs to offer an application specifically designed for use with Amazon Firestick. Although there are various simple ways to manually configure a VPN, we believe that the absence of an app suggests that the provider may not prioritize compatibility with Amazon devices.

Simultaneous connections

Ensure that you select a Firestick VPN that permits an adequate number of devices per account. While initially, having 5 simultaneous connections may appear excessive, it’s important to note that VPNs can be advantageous across all of your existing (and forthcoming) smart devices. The device allocation per account varies from 3 to unlimited, so it’s advisable to consider the quantity you may require.


The truth is, the majority of individuals purchase a Firestick with the intention of watching content in high definition. However, it should be noted that using a VPN can affect the performance of the device. The extent to which this impact is felt depends on various factors such as your hardware, location, ISP throttling, and others. Nevertheless, opting for a faster VPN service can help reduce buffering times by taking advantage of a faster internet connection. Additionally, certain services provide a Smart DNS feature that can unlock content without encrypting or diverting traffic, resulting in a much speedier connection.


It is not ideal to have fast speeds but be limited in accessing global streaming libraries. Many reliable VPNs for Amazon Firestick can bypass restrictions to at least unblock Netflix US and YouTube. However, the top-notch ones go even further by allowing access to multiple Netflix libraries, BBC iPlayer, and various other streaming platforms. This aspect often plays a crucial role when choosing among different VPN providers.


The Firestick is a device that can be controlled remotely, so it is crucial that the VPN app also supports remote control. This means that the app should have a simple and easy-to-use interface that caters to both beginners and experienced users.

User reviews

To gain valuable insights into the real-life use of VPNs, we took into account user reviews from popular platforms such as Reddit and Quora. This enabled us to compile a list of the top VPNs for Firestick, based on the experiences shared by users.

How to choose the best Firestick VPN

Finding the most suitable VPN for your Amazon Firestick can be a difficult task. There are numerous factors to take into account, such as ensuring that you select a high-quality VPN that offers fast speeds for uninterrupted streaming, the ability to bypass geo-restrictions, strong security measures to protect against data leaks and online threats, and more. To assist with this decision-making process, we have compiled a concise list of essential criteria for selecting the best VPN for Fire TV.

Dedicated Firestick app

When searching for VPNs, it is recommended to find ones that provide a specific application for Firestick. Two examples of such VPNs are NordVPN and Surfshark, which both offer dedicated Firestick apps and are compatible with various Fire TV devices, including the 2nd and 3rd generation or 4K devices. Otherwise, if a dedicated app is not available, you will need to use an alternative method to install a VPN on your Amazon Fire Stick. This can be done by setting up a VPN on your router and then connecting your Firestick-enabled smart TV to the Wi-Fi network.

Fast speeds. To experience uninterrupted streaming on Fire TV Stick devices, it is important to choose VPNs that offer exceptional speeds and are equipped with advanced tunneling protocols such as WireGuard. This ensures a seamless streaming experience without any buffering.

Large server fleet

To access both local and global content on Firestick, it is essential to have a VPN that offers a wide range of servers in different countries. With a diverse server selection, you can easily connect to servers located in the country of your choice, allowing you to enjoy region-locked content from anywhere in the world. This feature also ensures faster connection speeds and better streaming quality by reducing buffering and latency issues. Therefore, when selecting a VPN for Firestick, it’s important to consider the number of servers available and their geographical distribution to get the most out of your streaming experience.

Unblocking capabilities

If you’re a Firestick user looking to access popular streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO, it’s crucial to have a premium VPN that can bypass geo-restrictions. Not all VPNs are created equal, so it’s important to choose one that has the capability to unblock major streaming platforms. With a good VPN in place, you can enjoy unrestricted access to your favorite content from anywhere in the world. Additionally, a reliable VPN can also offer other benefits such as enhanced privacy and security while browsing online.


If you choose a long-term subscription, most high-quality VPNs are generally affordable. Nevertheless, if you prefer to pay on a monthly basis for your Firestick VPN, the price can increase significantly.

How to install a VPN on Firestick

Setting up a VPN on Firestick devices is a straightforward process that can be completed in just a few simple steps. First, you need to choose a VPN provider and sign up for their service. Once you have done that, head over to the Amazon App Store on your Firestick and search for the VPN app you chose. Next, download and install the app on your device. Once the installation is complete, launch the app and sign in using your credentials. Finally, select a server location from the list of available options and connect to it. With these simple steps, you can easily secure your Firestick device with a VPN and enjoy safe and private streaming of your favorite content.

  1. Open the Search bar on the Amazon Appstore home screen and find your VPN provider. We recommend NordVPN, now 69% OFF
  2. Select the VPN app from the Apps and Games selection and click Get to download it
  3. Once installed
  4. Log in to your VPN account
  5. Select a location and a server
  6. Once it’s connected, your Firestick will get a new IP that corresponds to your chosen country

Other methods to install a VPN to use on Firestick

Although most high-quality VPNs offer dedicated apps for Firestick, there are still a few that do not. Moreover, if you have a 1st generation Firestick that does not support the method mentioned earlier, you will require alternative installation methods. Fortunately, there is an easy solution – you can either utilize the Downloader to acquire a VPN or install it on your router.

Use Downloader to install a VPN

Install a VPN on a router

  • Find out if your router supports VPN connections
  • If it does, we recommend using NordVPN
  • If your router does not support a VPN connection, then you would need to install custom firmware
  • The full setup depends on the router you have and on the VPN provider you choose

VPN is not working on Firestick: how to fix it

To resolve the problem of your VPN not functioning on Firestick, the initial step is to verify the compatibility of your VPN with Fire devices. If it is compatible, proceed by reinstalling the application. In case this approach fails, consider exploring these alternative solutions.

  • Check if you’re using a Firestick device that supports VPNs
  • Ensure that you have the latest VPN app version
  • Check your internet connection
  • Restart your Fire TV device
  • Try a different VPN provider, like our top choice NordVPN

Fixing a geo-unblocking issue on Firestick

If your VPN is not functioning properly on Firestick, it could be due to certain streaming apps that require extra steps to modify your location and access restricted content. To resolve this issue, you can try adjusting the DNS settings on your Fire device. If you have set up your VPN on your router rather than using a native Firestick app, the problem may occur when the Fire device sends a DNS request outside of the VPN tunnel you are connected to.

To resolve this issue, you can modify the DNS configuration. If your VPN provider offers this option, you can obtain a DNS address from them and configure it on your router. If you want to access Amazon Prime Video or any other content available on Amazon, it is essential to synchronize the location of your Amazon account with the country of your VPN server. This can be accomplished by adjusting the settings in your Amazon account. For additional measures, you can also adjust your system’s time zone to correspond with one of your selected server locations.

Fixing VPN app issues on Firestick

A frequently encountered problem when using VPN apps on Firestick is that certain apps do not function properly with the Fire TV remote and instead require a mouse. To resolve this issue, you can connect a Bluetooth mouse to your smart TV, making it easier to use the VPN. Alternatively, you can download an additional app called Mouse Toggle on your iOS or Android devices. By doing so, you can transform your smartphone into a mouse. However, please note that in order for this to work on Fire TV devices, you must enable ADB Debugging in the settings.

What is the cheapest Firestick VPN?

Surfshark is the most affordable VPN for Firestick. Despite having a starting price of $1.99 per month, it allows unlimited simultaneous connections per account. However, the affordability of this VPN is not solely based on its ability to protect a variety of devices.

Surfshark offers a comprehensive solution that encompasses various features. It boasts a sophisticated range of capabilities, including essential VPN functions like kill switch and split tunneling, as well as unique features such as the IP rotator that alters your IP address every minute. Additionally, Surfshark provides antivirus protection called Surfshark One, which includes real-time protection, device scanning, and other functionalities.

In determining whether a VPN is cheap or not, it’s not just the pricing numbers that matter. It’s crucial to also evaluate the range of features a VPN offers and how advanced they are in comparison to the market. Therefore, the most cost-effective VPNs are typically the ones with the most comprehensive features.

Can you use a free VPN on Firestick?

While it is possible to utilize a free VPN for Amazon Firestick, we strongly discourage doing so due to the numerous unreliable options available. These free VPNs have the potential to compromise your data or infect your devices with malware. Alternatively, you may consider using freemium VPNs designed specifically for Firestick. These services are offered by reputable VPN providers as introductory products and provide basic security features, limited server locations, and can only be configured on Firestick through a router. For optimal user experience on Firestick, we recommend selecting a premium VPN that offers a free trial or a money-back guarantee.

NordVPN: The company provides a money-back guarantee for a period of 30 days, as well as a free trial lasting 7 days for mobile users. With an extensive network of over 5,800 servers in 60 countries, the service offers high-speed connections and the ability to unblock all major streaming services.

Surfshark: The service provides a complimentary trial period of 7 days and a money-back guarantee that lasts for 30 days. It ensures fast connections that are ideal for seamless streaming, excellent security measures, and an extensive selection of servers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install a VPN on Firestick?

Setting up a VPN on your Fire TV Stick device is a simple task that primarily relies on the availability of a dedicated Firestick app for the VPN you opt for. Detailed guidance on how to install a VPN on your Fire TV device can be found.

What is the best VPN to use for Firestick?

When it comes to Amazon Firestick devices, NordVPN is the top choice. It offers exceptional speed, enables access to numerous streaming platforms, boasts an excellent NordVPN Fire TV app, and includes a Smart DNS feature. Additionally, NordVPN’s pricing is highly competitive, and their 24/7 live chat support is readily available to assist you.

How much does a VPN cost for Amazon Firestick?

The price range for a VPN for Amazon Fire Stick varies between $1.64 and $6.67 per month. The most affordable options are Atlas VPN at $1.64 per month and Surfshark at $1.99 per month. On the other hand, ExpressVPN is the highest-priced option at $6.67 per month.

Is it worth having a VPN for Firestick?

Indeed, acquiring a VPN for Firestick is highly beneficial as it guarantees absolute online confidentiality and enables unhindered entry to global content. Opting for a VPN that is compatible with Amazon Fire TV devices, like NordVPN, effortlessly circumvents restrictions on streaming content. Furthermore, this safeguards your data from trackers and other potential dangers.

What is the fastest VPN for Amazon Firestick?

After testing 42 different providers, NordVPN emerged as the top choice for Firestick devices in terms of speed. It managed to maintain an average connection speed of 90% and offers a vast number of servers. Moreover, it utilizes highly secure and efficient tunneling protocols.

Can I use a VPN on Fire TV Cube?

Certainly, it is possible to utilize a VPN on Fire TV Cube, provided that it is compatible. By doing so, you will have the ability to bypass geographical restrictions and indulge in a wide selection of movies from various regions across the globe. In our evaluations, NordVPN performed exceptionally well with Fire TV Cube as it effortlessly gained access to popular streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Max, and others.

Do I really need a VPN for a jailbroken Firestick?

Certainly, it is highly recommended to use a VPN for security purposes if your Firestick has been jailbroken. Jailbroken devices are more susceptible to various cyber threats such as data breaches and malware attacks. By utilizing a VPN, your data is encrypted, guaranteeing that no unauthorized individuals can access or exploit it.

Is every VPN compatible with a Firestick?

It is important to note that not all VPNs are compatible with Firestick devices. Therefore, it is recommended to check the compatibility of the VPN provider before purchasing a subscription. The suggested providers are all reliable options for Fire devices, with NordVPN being the top choice based on our tests.

Do I need a VPN to use Firestick abroad?

Using a VPN for Firestick abroad is indeed beneficial. This is because it allows you to connect to a server in your home country, granting you access to content that may be unavailable while you are traveling.

Does Firestick work better with VPN?

Indeed, utilizing a VPN with the Firestick enhances its performance by granting the ability to circumvent geo-restrictions imposed by different streaming platforms. As a result, users gain access to an expansive array of international content options.

How to turn off a VPN on Firestick?

Disabling your VPN on Firestick is a straightforward process. To begin, go to the home screen of your Firestick. From there, access the Settings menu and choose Applications. Next, click on Manage Installed Applications. Locate the VPN you want to deactivate and select Disable.

Can I put a VPN on my Fire Stick?

Certainly, there are different methods available to install a VPN on your Firestick device. The easiest approach is to access the Amazon Appstore and download a VPN app. However, users with 1st generation Firestick will need to manually install the APK file.

Bottom Line

Finding the best VPN for Firestick is essential if you want to enhance your streaming experience and protect your privacy. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. However, by considering factors such as speed, security, and compatibility, you can narrow down your choices and find a VPN that meets your needs. Whether you’re looking to access geo-restricted content or simply ensure your online activities remain private, a VPN can provide the solution. By following the step-by-step setup guide provided in this blog, you’ll be able to easily configure your VPN on Firestick and enjoy a secure and unrestricted streaming experience. Stay protected and unlock the full potential of your Firestick with the best VPN for your needs.

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