Top Phones to Expect in 2024: iPhone 16, Galaxy S24

Top Phones to Expect

Top Phones to Expect According to Lisa Eadicicco, a senior editor for CNET who specializes in covering mobile devices, major phone-makers like Apple, Samsung, and Google are expected to incorporate more AI into their phones by 2024. As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, it’s no surprise that these companies are looking to … Read more

Google Pixel 8 Review 2024: AI-enhanced cameras meet compact design, Display And Performance

Google Pixel 8 Review

Google Pixel 8 Review Within the realm of Android smartphones, Google’s Pixel series has consistently been regarded as the gold standard for exceptional software performance. In 2021, Google released its highly anticipated Pixel 8 series, with the objective of offering a more compact, quicker, and more intelligent device that boasts an extended lifespan thanks to … Read more

OnePlus 12 launch date officially confirmed new design leaked OnePlus Ace 3 may debut alongside with features

OnePlus 12

OnePlus has officially confirmed the launch date for its highly anticipated OnePlus 12 smartphone. The company has announced that the OP12 will be released in China on December 4th, commemorating their 10th anniversary. Alongside the OnePlus 12, rumors suggest that we may also see the debut of the OnePlus Ace 3. The OnePlus Ace 3 … Read more