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MOST Wickets in World Cup 2024: Top Wicket-Taker List

MOST Wickets in World Cup

MOST Wickets in World Cup The 2024 Men’s ODI Cricket World Cup was an eventful tournament that saw several records being shattered. One of the most significant records broken was for the most wickets taken by a bowler throughout the tournament. It was a closely contested race between several talented bowlers, but in the end, the honor went to Jasprit Bumrah of India, who took a total of 23 wickets across the tournament. Bumrah’s exceptional performance helped India reach the semi-finals, where they eventually lost to Australia in a thrilling encounter.

MOST Wickets in World Cup 2024

As the ICC World Cup enters its final month, cricket fans around the world are eagerly anticipating more thrilling action from their favorite batsmen and bowlers. While there is still much to look forward to, it’s worth taking a moment to recognize the standout performers in this year’s tournament. In particular, we take a closer look at the players who have taken the most wickets so far in this 13th edition of the World Cup. This year has seen some truly remarkable bowling performances, such as in the India vs Pakistan match where Pakistan went from 155/2 to 191/10 in just under 15 overs. As we approach the conclusion of this year’s tournament, we can only hope for more such exciting moments that will leave cricket fans on the edge of their seats. Below, you will also discover the list of highest-wicket takers of all time and the top bowlers for each year (the recipients of the Golden Ball award) in the ODI World Cup.

Golden Ball Award Winners

The Golden Ball award is given to the player who takes the most wickets in the World Cup tournament. As of this post, the winner of the Golden Ball for the 2024 World Cup is yet to be determined, as the tournament is still ongoing. The race for the most wickets is always an exciting one, with bowlers from different teams showcasing their skills and competing for this prestigious award. Keep an eye on the tournament to see which player emerges as the top wicket-taker and takes home the coveted Golden Ball.

Best & MOST Wickets Moments

The World Cup 2024 is sure to bring some thrilling moments on the cricket field, especially when it comes to the race for the most wickets. As bowlers strive to make their mark in this prestigious tournament, fans can expect some nail-biting performances and unforgettable moments. From stunning deliveries that leave batsmen in awe to game-changing spells that turn the tide of a match, the battle for the most wickets promises to be one of the highlights of the World Cup. Cricket enthusiasts around the globe will be eagerly watching as bowlers showcase their skills, aiming to etch their names in history by taking home the coveted title of leading wicket-taker.

13th edition of the World Cup Wickets

The 13th edition of the World Cup in 2024 promises to be an exciting event for cricket fans around the world. As teams battle it out on the field, one statistic that will surely capture attention is the race for the most wickets. The player who takes the most wickets throughout the tournament will undoubtedly leave a mark on World Cup history. With each wicket comes celebration and jubilation, as bowlers showcase their skills and make crucial contributions to their team’s success. As we eagerly await the start of the tournament, all eyes will be on the bowlers as they strive to etch their name in World Cup folklore by taking the most wickets in this highly anticipated sporting event.

Highlights of Top Wickets

The World Cup 2024 has seen some incredible bowling performances, resulting in numerous wickets being taken by talented bowlers. Let’s take a look at some of the top wickets that have stood out in this tournament. One memorable moment was when [Player Name] delivered a stunning yorker to dismiss the opposing team’s star batsman. The precision and skill displayed in that delivery left fans in awe. Another highlight was [Player Name]’s brilliant catch at the boundary line, denying the batsman a certain six. These top wickets not only showcase the talent and expertise of these bowlers but also add excitement and drama to the World Cup matches.

Most wickets in Cricket World Cup 2024

Most wickets in Cricket World Cup 2024
Rank Player Country Wickets Matches Runs conceded
1 Dilshan Madushanka Sri Lanka 21 8 467
2 Adam Zampa Australia 20 8 384
3 Marco Jansen South Africa 17 8 415
4 Mohammed Shami India 16 4 112
5 Shaheen Afridi Pakistan 16 8 409


ODI World Cup 2024: Players With Most Wickets – Dilshan Madushanka

Sri Lanka’s Dilshan Madushanka is the top wicket-taker in World Cup 2024

Rank Player Wickets Runs Conceded
1 Dilshan Madushanka 21 467
2 Adam Zampa 20 384
3 Marco Jansen 17 415
4 Mohammed Shami 16 112
5 Shaheen Shah Afridi 16 409
6 Jasprit Bumrah 15 233
7 Ravindra Jadeja 14 243
8 Gerald Coetzee 14 305
9 Mitch Santner 14 376
10 Haris Rauf 13 469
11 Kuldeep Yadav 12 271
12 Kagiso Rabada 12 283
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ICC Cricket World Cup Best Bowlers List: Golden Ball Winners (1975-2024)

Check below the year-wise highest wicket-takers in the ICC ODI World Cup history from 1975 to 2024.

Top Wicket Taker World Cup Year Wickets Country
Mitchell Starc 2019 27 Australia
Mitchell Starc 2015 22 Australia
Trent Boult 22 New Zealand
Zaheer Khan 2011 21 India
Shahid Afridi 21 Pakistan
Glenn McGrath 2007 26 Australia
Chaminda Vaas 2003 23 Sri Lanka
Geoff Allott 1999 20 New Zealand
Shane Warne 20 Australia
Anil Kumble 1996 15 India
Wasim Akram 1992 18 Pakistan
Craig McDermott 1987 18 Australia
Roger Binny 1983 18 India
Mike Hendrick 1979 10 England
Gary Gilmour 1975 11 Australia
Bernard Julien 11 West Indies

All Time Highest Wicket Takers in ICC World Cup

Australia’s Glenn McGrath is the highest wicket-taker in the ICC Cricket World Cup history. McGrath was especially instrumental in Australia’s two consecutive World Cup wins. Glenn McGrath has amassed 71 wickets across 39 innings in four World Cups.

Rank Player Wickets Innings Best Figure Span
1 Glenn McGrath (AUS) 71 39 7/15 1996-2007
2 Muthiah Muralidaran (SL) 68 39 4/19 1996-2011
3 Mitchell Starc (AUS) 58 25 6/28 2015-2023
4 Lasith Malinga (SL) 56 28 6/38 2007-2019
5 Wasim Akram (PAK) 55 36 5/28 1987-2003
6 Chaminda Vaas (SL) 49 31 6/25 1996-2007
7 Trent Boult (NZ) 49 26 5/27 2015-2023
8 Mohammed Shami (IND) 47 15 5/18 2015-2023
9 Zaheer Khan (IND) 44 23 4/42 2003-2011
10 Javagal Srinath (IND) 44 33 4/30 1992-2003
11 Shakib Al Hasan (BAN) 41 35 5/29 2007-2023
12 Imran Tahir (SA) 40 21 5/45 2011-2019
13 Allan Donald (SA) 38 25 4/17 1992-2003
14 Jacob Oram (NZ) 36 23 4/39 2003-2011
15 Daniel Vettori (NZ) 36 31 4/18 2003-2015
16 Tim Southee (NZ) 36 19 7/33 2011-2023
17 Brett Lee (AUS) 35 17 5/42 2003-2011
18 Wahab Riaz (PAK) 35 20 5/46 2011-2019
19 Brad Hogg (AUS) 34 20 4/27 2003-2007
20 Imran Khan (PAK) 34 19 4/37 1975-1992

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FAQs About MOST Wickets in World Cup 2024

Who is the highest wicket-taker in ICC World Cup history?

Australia’s Glenn McGrath Is The Highest Wicket-Taker In The ICC Cricket World Cup History With 71 Wickets In 39 Innings And A Best Figure Of 7/15.

Which bowler has the most wickets in ICC World Cup 2024?

Australia’s Adam Zampa Has The Most Wickets In The ICC Cricket World Cup 2024.

Where is ICC World Cup final?

The ODI World Cup 2024 will take place on November 19 in Ahmedabad. The most exciting sports tournament of the year, The ICC Men’s ODI World Cup 2024, is gearing up for a grand finale, and the excitement of cricket fans is off the roof.

Who is the best bowler in World Cup 2024?

Cricket World Cup 2024 top wicket takers
Position Bowler Wickets
1 Dilshan Madushanka 21
2 Adam Zampa 20
3 Marco Jansen 17
4 Mohammad Shami 16

What is the points table of 2024?

ICC World Cup 2024 Latest Points Table
Position Team Played Won Lost No Result Points NRR
1 India 8 8 0 0 16 2.456
2 South Africa 8 6 2 0 12 1.376
3 Australia 8 6 2 0 12 0.861
4 New Zealand 8 4 4 0 8 0.398
5 Pakistan 8 4 4 0 8 0.036
6 Afghanistan 8 4 4 0 8 -0.338
7 Bangladesh (E) 8 2 6 0 4 -1.142
8 Sri Lanka (E) 8 2 6 0 4 -1.160
9 Netherlands 7 2 5 0 4 -1.398
10 England (E) 7 1 6 0 2 -1.504

What Are The Men’s ODI World Cup 2024 Best Wickets?

The Men’s ODI World Cup in 2024 is sure to bring some thrilling cricket action, and fans will be eagerly watching to see who takes the most wickets during the tournament. With so many talented bowlers from around the world competing, it’s difficult to predict who will come out on top. However, one thing is for certain – the player with the most wickets will have a significant impact on their team’s success. As we wait for the tournament to begin, cricket enthusiasts are already speculating and discussing which bowlers will shine and make their mark on this prestigious event. It’s an exciting time for cricket fans as they eagerly anticipate witnessing some of the best wickets during the Men’s ODI World Cup in 2024.

Bottom Line

The World Cup 2024 is set to be an exciting tournament filled with talented bowlers showcasing their skills on the global stage. As we eagerly anticipate the matches and marvel at the performances, it will be interesting to see who emerges as the top wicket-taker of the tournament. With so many skilled bowlers from various teams, the competition for the most wickets will be intense. Stay tuned for all the action and keep an eye out for updates on the leading wicket-takers in World Cup 2024.

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