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TotalVPN Review 2024 Plans, Benefits, Features, Pricing, Speed, Performance And More

TotalVPN Review

TotalVPN is a virtual private network service that is included in the TotalAV security package. It is integrated into the antivirus software and provides all the necessary features to conceal your online activities, IP address, and identity. Naturally, this raises the question of whether a bundled VPN can be as effective as a standalone VPN service. This TotalVPN review aims to answer that question. We extensively tested TotalVPN from various perspectives to evaluate its performance in terms of speed, security, versatility, geo-block removal, and other crucial aspects. We then summarized the findings to compare it with other leading VPN services. Therefore, read our TotalVPN review to discover our discoveries.

TotalVPN Review

Despite performing well in our tests, Total VPN has received numerous complaints regarding billing issues and customers being overcharged. As a result, we have decided to lower the rating by one star. We will closely monitor the situation and update the review and rating accordingly. The premium version of Total VPN offers one of the most affordable paid VPN options available, starting at $4.49 per month. Opting for a 24-month subscription reduces the cost to $2.99 per month, while a 12-month subscription brings it down to $3.59 per month. Each premium subscription includes a 30-day money-back guarantee, although this information may not be prominently displayed on the website but can be found in the terms & conditions. Payments can only be made using credit cards or PayPal; there is no option to pay with Bitcoin, gift cards, or other third-party payment gateways.

TotalVPN Key Information

🥇 Overall rank: #9 out of #42
📖 No logs policy: No-logs policy
💵 Price: From $1.58/month
🖥️ Servers: 50+ servers in 30 countries
🍿 Streaming services: YouTube
🔥 Coupons: TotalVPN coupon 87% OFF!

TotalVPN Review

TotalVPN pros and cons

TotalVPN can be considered a decent choice for those seeking a torrenting VPN to secure their P2P activities. However, the service has some drawbacks that one should be aware of before subscribing. Firstly, it does not have servers specifically optimized for peer-to-peer data transfer. This could lead to slower download speeds and less reliable connections while torrenting. Secondly, without using the WireGuard protocol, TotalVPN cannot ensure ultra-fast connection speeds. Therefore, if speed is a major concern for you when torrenting, you might want to consider other VPN options that offer faster speeds and more optimized servers for P2P activities.


  • Well-rounded security package
  • Easy-to-use desktop and mobile apps
  • Good price-to-benefits ratio
  • Solid country variety
  • Reliable tunneling protocols
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Only three simultaneous connections
  • No WireGuard protocol
  • Small server network
  • Lackluster content unblocking results

Summary of TotalVPN

TotalVPN is a promising virtual private network service that, although not outstanding on its own, serves as a valuable addition to the exceptional TotalAV package. In this TotalVPN review, we will cover the main topics in detail.

SpeedWe’ll cover TotalVPN’s connectivity first, as it’s arguably the most vital aspect of any VPN because it influences the overall user experience and the performance of other features (i.e., streaming and torrenting).

Pricing. It is crucial to have information about the cost of TotalVPN and the TotalAV plans that include this benefit.

SecurityVPNs are primarily a security tool, so it’s paramount to overview their technical specifications.

FeaturesIn today’s world, VPN users have high expectations when it comes to the additional benefits provided by their service providers. This includes features like bypassing geographical restrictions and facilitating torrenting activities.

Compatibility.  In this review, we will assess the TotalVPN software, its compatibility with various devices and operating systems, as well as its user-friendliness.

Speed and performance

TotalVPN provides users with two tunneling protocol choices – OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPSec. These protocols are commonly used in the VPN industry and have the capability to deliver reliable connection speeds. Nevertheless, the most high-speed VPNs available tend to utilize contemporary options such as WireGuard and its variations. However, this does not imply that TotalVPN is unable to offer fast and uninterrupted connections with its existing protocols. Let us now examine how well the service performed in our speed tests.

TotalVPN OpenVPN speed test results

TotalVPN uses the OpenVPN tunneling protocol as the default option on all operating systems. Therefore, it is crucial to conduct extensive testing in order to guarantee a satisfactory customer experience.

Baseline speed: 500 Mbps download/ 497 Mbps upload and 2 ms ping

Upload (Mbps) Download (Mbps)
Australia 48 6
Canada 31 21
Japan 67 15
UK 39 42
US 36 18

From the data, it is evident that there is room for improvement in the results. The rate at which downloads were retained averaged approximately 9%, and upload speeds were even lower. Additionally, our tests revealed notable issues such as the inability to establish a connection with certain servers, specifically those located in Germany.

TotalVPN IKEv2 speed test results

If the primary tunneling protocol does not meet your expectations, you have the option to switch from OpenVPN to IKEv2 on certain platforms. In our manual tests, we will evaluate how well the secondary option performed.

Baseline speed: 500 Mbps download/ 497 Mbps upload and 2 ms ping

Upload (Mbps) Download (Mbps)
Australia 312 29
Canada 401 268
Germany 275 344
Japan 269 199
UK 338 240
US 167 120

Based on our tests, the use of the IKEv2 tunneling protocol led to noticeably faster speeds. On average, this protocol maintained approximately 70% of the original download speed, although upload speeds varied more. To prioritize connection speeds, it is recommended to choose IKEv2 when using TotalVPN.

Plans and pricing

As previously stated, in order to access TotalVPN, users must subscribe to TotalAV. This premium antivirus service provides a range of subscription options with different prices and features. The table below provides a summary of the available choices for customers. As you can see, TotalVPN is included in the TotalAV Internet Security and Total Security plans. The first viable plan costs $39.00/year and bestows various antivirus security measures, system scanning options, and a VPN for up to 5 devices.

TotalAV Subscription Benifits

TotalAV Total Security TotalAV Internet Security TotalAV Pro TotalAV Free
Price $49.00/year $39.00/year $19.00/year $0.00
Devices 6 5 3 1
Advanced ransomware protection
Real-time protection
System clean-up tools
Cloud-based malware scanning
Password manager
Ad blocker
Anti-malware scanner
Anti-phishing protection

TotalAV Payment Methods

On the other hand, the second option for a TotalAV subscription, also known as the final option, is priced at $49.00 per year. This option includes a password manager and a robust ad blocker, providing a comprehensive cybersecurity package for up to 6 different devices. It is important to note that these prices are introductory and will increase upon renewal after the first year. If you do not wish to renew your subscription, please inform TotalAV via email in advance. All paid plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to test the service without any concerns for up to a month. In terms of payment methods, interested users have the option to purchase the service using credit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, or Apple Pay.

Can you get TotalVPN for free?

While TotalAV does provide a reliable free plan, it does not include TotalVPN. Consequently, the only way to access TotalVPN for free is by utilizing the 30-day money-back guarantee. To do so, you must initially purchase either the TotalAV Internet Security or Total Security plan as they are the only options that incorporate TotalVPN. Subsequently, you need to request a refund within the first month of your subscription.

Refund Process

It is advisable not to procrastinate until the last moment since the refund process might take some time, specifically up to 7 business days. If this seems like an arduous task, an alternative option would be to consider a different VPN that offers a free trial, such as NordVPN. Numerous high-quality services provide time-limited trials on mobile app stores without requiring any payment upfront. However, you will be required to input your credit card information. If this is also unacceptable, then your remaining choice is to use a reputable free VPN service.

Is TotalVPN safe?

It is logical to assume that TotalVPN would provide a secure VPN service, considering it is part of a comprehensive cybersecurity product. Although this service includes all the essential security features required to maintain your online privacy, it lacks the additional advantages that are typically associated with independent VPN providers. The following is an overview of the important security measures implemented by TotalVPN.

Encryption AES-256
Tunneling protocols OpenVPN, IKEv2
Kill switch
RAM servers
Privacy policy No logs
Security audits


TotalVPN chooses not to create a new method for encryption and instead uses the widely accepted AES-256 encryption cipher, which is considered the industry standard. This choice allows for a perfect combination of privacy and performance. As a result, your online activities will remain hidden from various third parties, including your Internet Service Provider (ISP), administrators of public Wi-Fi networks, and potential hackers. Moreover, the 256-bit encryption guarantees that even if someone were to obtain your browsing data, it would be impossible for any modern computer to decipher it within your lifetime.

Tunneling protocols

TotalVPN users have the ability to switch between two tunneling protocols, namely OpenVPN (TCP/UDP) and IKEv2/IPSec. It is important to note that these options are widely accepted and highly regarded within the VPN industry. Although they have been in existence for a considerable amount of time, this fact can be viewed as either advantageous or disadvantageous depending on one’s perspective. On a positive note, these protocols offer a high level of security, reasonable speed, compatibility with various devices, and have undergone extensive scrutiny to address known security vulnerabilities. However, due to their longevity, they rely on outdated technologies and have accumulated large amounts of unnecessary coding.

WireGuard Version

The primary reason for their obsolescence is the availability of advanced tunneling protocol options that are vastly superior in almost every aspect. One such example is WireGuard, which offers exceptional speed, efficiency, and is open-source, making it easily adaptable by any reputable VPN service. Additionally, VPN providers can utilize the existing WireGuard version to develop their own exclusive alternative, as demonstrated by NordVPN with their NordLynx feature.

Kill switch

A VPN service without a reliable kill switch to prevent IP address exposure is not worth considering. In case you are unfamiliar, a kill switch is a feature that automatically disconnects your internet connection if the VPN tunnel is disabled. This ensures that your actual IP address and location remain hidden in the event of an abrupt VPN tunnel termination due to unforeseen circumstances. Regrettably, TotalVPN lacks consistency in this aspect as its kill switch feature is only accessible through the Windows app. The feature is available in both manual and automatic modes, providing users with added flexibility.

DNS leak protection

To guarantee the concealment of your connection information when using the VPN, it is essential to have impeccable protection against DNS and IP leaks. This can be achieved by utilizing external tools such as or to detect any leaks. During our evaluation of TotalVPN, we employed this approach and obtained mostly satisfactory outcomes. In general, the connections remained stable and leak-free, with correct IP and DNS addresses.

Instances In Connection

Nonetheless, there were a few instances where our connection to Germany displayed an IP address from Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. We also had to consider another problem – the inability to switch between different VPN servers smoothly without revealing our IP address. To switch servers, you have to disconnect from your current server and manually connect to another one, creating a potential opportunity for IP leakage. However, this is not a concern on Windows devices as you can activate the kill switch feature.


When it comes to discussing VPN services, data logging is a widely debated topic. The definition of a truly reliable no-logs VPN remains uncertain, making it important to examine certain characteristics that determine the reliability of a provider like TotalVPN. Unfortunately, TotalAV, which is based in the UK, a core member of the 5-Eyes alliance, faces challenges in terms of jurisdiction.

Independent Audit Privacy

To alleviate concerns, the provider should conduct an independent audit of its privacy policy to assure customers that their data is not excessively shared with authorities and other third parties. However, this assurance is currently lacking. Furthermore, TotalVPN does not offer any anonymous payment methods such as cryptocurrencies. It is also worth noting that the sign-up process does not provide any privacy guarantees and requires users to enter their email address in all cases.

Servers and locations

As stated on the TotalVPN website, their service provides a modest network consisting of 50 servers spread across 30 countries. This number of servers is relatively small compared to other VPN providers in the industry. Additionally, there is limited information available regarding the technical specifications of their server fleet, making it uncertain as to who is responsible for the hardware and whether it operates on RAM modules. The table below presents specific information about TotalVPN’s coverage in various countries.

Continent Countires

Continent Countries
Europe Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK
Americas USA, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Mexico
Asia Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Singapore
Rest of the world Australia, New Zealand

It is important to note that the servers in the US, the UK, and Australia are organized by city, which makes it easier to connect to specific regions within these countries. This information is crucial if you require a US IP address from a specific state.

Is TotalVPN good for streaming?

TotalVPN, like many other VPNs, asserts that it can circumvent geographical limitations and allow access to international content. This includes the opportunity to watch movies and TV series from different countries on popular streaming services such as Netflix, Max, Disney+, and others. Naturally, we conducted tests to verify these assertions and determine if TotalVPN is a reliable VPN for streaming purposes.

TotalVPN Regional Libraries

Regrettably, our attempts to access our preferred video content through TotalVPN proved unsuccessful. Initially, we targeted the renowned Netflix platform and made efforts to bypass restrictions on various regional libraries such as those of the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and even Japan. Unfortunately, similar disappointing outcomes were observed when attempting to access other services like BBC iPlayer, Max, Peacock, and Hulu. It could be argued that these unsatisfactory results can be attributed to the limited number of servers provided by TotalVPN. In order to effectively unblock content for numerous customers, a high-quality streaming VPN typically requires a vast array of IP addresses. Furthermore, it is reasonable to assume that streaming capabilities hold a lower priority for this VPN provider as they primarily focus on offering robust cybersecurity features.

Plateforms Working WIth TotalVPN

Platform Does it work?
Netflix ❌No
Amazon Prime Video ❌No
Hulu ❌No
Max ❌No
Disney+ ❌No
BBC iPlayer ❌No
YouTube TV ❌No
YouTube ✅ Yes

Is TotalVPN Safe for torrenting?

If you are searching for a VPN suitable for torrenting and to ensure the security of your P2P activities, TotalVPN is a decent choice. One drawback is that the service does not have servers specifically optimized for peer-to-peer data transfer. Additionally, without the WireGuard protocol, it cannot guarantee extremely fast connection speeds. It is also not recommended to torrent without the added protection of a kill switch. However, on a positive note, TotalVPN does not limit P2P traffic on any of its servers. Furthermore, there are server options available worldwide, making it convenient to create the ideal conditions for quick downloads.

Interface and ease of use

The user interface and overall experience remain fairly consistent across all platforms. Nevertheless, there are some slight variations in terms of the features that are available. Therefore, let’s review each platform individually to explore these specific details. TotalVPN is available on the same four desktop and mobile platforms that TotalAV is available on:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Android
  • iOS


The TotalVPN Windows app is likely the most packed with features and strong version available. To begin with, it is the only edition that comes with a kill switch to prevent IP leaks. Users have the option to switch between two tunneling protocols and can enable automatic VPN connections when connecting to an untrustworthy Wi-Fi network.

Locating TotalVPN within the TotalAV app is a simple process. Users just need to hover over the fingerprint icon and select the VPN button, which is represented by the location pin logo. Once there, the majority of the screen displays the various server options that are available. To activate or deactivate the kill switch feature, users can utilize the button located at the bottom left. On the other hand, for easy customization, users can access the VPN tab of the general settings menu by clicking on the cogwheel situated in the top right corner.


The appearance and user interface of TotalVPN on MacOS is very similar to the Windows version. The VPN tab can be found under the Internet Security label without the need to hover over any icons. From there, you can easily enable the VPN connection by clicking on the large power button in the center. Server selection can be done using the small selection tool located below.

TotalVPN Most Demanding Feature

It has come to our attention that this particular version of TotalVPN now enables users to change server locations seamlessly, without the need for disconnecting first. This feature greatly reduces the chances of IP leaking problems. However, it is important to note that this version does not include a kill switch and only offers the Connect on Demand feature.


On Android, TotalVPN provides a user-friendly interface and necessary security features that can be found in the Quick Protect tab. Specifically, you have the option to activate Real-Time protection, VPN Quick Connect, and App Lock.

Regarding absences, the mobile app lacks a kill switch and the option to allow different tunneling protocols.


Once again, the iOS version is practically the same as the Android variant. Visually, it resembles the Mac interface with its immense power button at the top and server selection below. In general, the user interface is clean and simple to use. It is important to mention that you will not be able to find the option to activate a kill switch, experiment with a different VPN tunneling protocol, or make any other modifications to the settings.

TotalVPN additional features

In the previous sections, we provided a comprehensive explanation of the VPN features offered by TotalVPN. These include a kill switch and automatic VPN activation when connected to unsecured Wi-Fi networks. It is important to note that subscribers also have access to a variety of additional digital security features that are separate from the VPN tool. The specific benefits you receive will depend on the subscription plan you choose and may include:

Total Adblock

Total Adblock is an efficient tool that can enhance your online experience by blocking intrusive advertisements. It not only improves browsing speed and safety but also eliminates unwanted distractions. According to our tests, Total Adblock is extremely effective against different types of online ads, making it a valuable addition to any user’s digital arsenal. By using Total Adblock, you can enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted browsing experience without having to worry about pop-ups, banners, or other annoying ads.


The TotalAV package is a reliable antivirus software that comes equipped with several features to ensure your devices are protected from malware. The standard package provides real-time protection, system tune-up tools, disk cleaner, ransomware protection, and other essential perks. With real-time protection, you can rest assured that your device is continuously being monitored for any threats.

TotalVPN Device’s Performance Optimization

The system tune-up tools help optimize your device’s performance, while the disk cleaner frees up space by removing unnecessary files. Ransomware protection safeguards your system against malicious software that locks you out of your data until a ransom is paid. These features make TotalAV an excellent choice for anyone looking for comprehensive antivirus protection for their devices.

Total Password

To ensure the security of your online accounts, it is highly recommended to utilize distinct and intricate passwords for each one. This can be easily achieved by utilizing a trustworthy password manager, which is provided as part of TotalAV’s ultimate subscription plan.

Customer support

You’ll have no trouble finding assistance as a TotalVPN customer because the company offers an immense variety of support options.

24/7 live chat
Phone line ✅ (Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, Europe, International number)
Guides or articles

TotalVPN Multitude Guides

As an illustration, there are various ways to reach customer service, such as through live chat or email. In critical situations, residents of specific countries can utilize their dedicated phone lines for assistance. Conversely, independent users can access a multitude of guides and FAQs that are conveniently organized by product.

Does TotalVPN Work in China? No!

TotalVPN lacks the necessary obfuscation tools to bypass censorship in China or other countries with similar restrictions. It is not surprising that TotalVPN is ineffective in evading government censorship, as only the most reliable VPN services can do so successfully. Moreover, TotalVPN’s excessive logging policy makes it unsuitable for use in countries with strict censorship. By tracking your IP address, GPS location, and biometric data, TotalVPN makes it easy for governments to identify users.

TotalVPN Blocks Functioning

In such cases, I highly recommend using ExpressVPN to access the web. Please note that using a VPN that is not approved by the government is considered illegal in China. However, there have been no reported cases of tourists being penalized for using a VPN. Instead, the country utilizes technological tools to block many VPNs from functioning within its borders.


Compared to popular standalone VPN services such as NordVPN or Surfshark, TotalVPN is not particularly unique. It does provide all the necessary features to hide your IP address and maintain anonymity whether you are at home or on the move. Nevertheless, it is a reliable part of an affordable and comprehensive cybersecurity package that safeguards your online activities from various potential threats. For instance, Total Adblock is highly regarded as a dependable solution for blocking ads, and our tests confirm its effectiveness. This sentiment is also true for TotalAV and Total Password, both of which can be accessed at an affordable price.

FAQs About TotalVPN

Is TotalVPN any good?

Total VPN is a good VPN service for people looking to stay safe from hackers on public Wi-Fi or generally mask their online activities. It uses IKEv2 and OpenVPN protocols as well as 50 VPN servers. The functionality was seamless and offered leak protection on all of the server locations we tested.

How much is TotalVPN?

The TotalAV Internet Security plan, priced at $39.00 per year, includes TotalVPN. In addition to the VPN service, users will also receive several antivirus benefits from TotalAV, including real-time antivirus protection, ransomware removal, disk cleaner, and other important cybersecurity advantages.

Total VPN review at a glance

Price $29.00/first yr
Free version No
Max # of connected devices 3, 5, or 6 devices
Number of servers 50
VPN protocol OpenVPN and IKEv2

Is TotalVPN free?

No, TotalVPN does not come for free. However, TotalAV offers a free plan that provides essential antivirus features such as real-time protection, spyware removal, and junk cleanup. If you want to try the VPN, you can do so for free by availing of its 30-day money-back guarantee.

Is TotalVPN better than NordVPN?

Both come at a decent price for the first year, but Total Security costs a bit extra and comes with extras like a password manager. As far as pricing goes, if you’re comparing antivirus software to see which one offers the best VPN, this is definitely one of the better options we’ve seen.

Is TotalVPN really safe?

Total VPN is a good VPN service for people looking to stay safe from hackers on public Wi-Fi or generally mask their online activities. It uses IKEv2 and OpenVPN protocols as well as 50 VPN servers. The functionality was seamless and offered leak protection on all of the server locations we tested.

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