Explore Nord VPN pricing in 2023: Uncover the costs and plans to determine how much Nord VPN fits your budget.

By cliolink.com

In this web story we are going to discover Nord VPN Pricing & Plan Cost in 2023, and how much it generally costs?

Nord VPN Pricing

If you are looking for a budget friendly plan then you should go for two-year plan at just $3.79/month which offer robust security.

Budget friendly

If you are a student you could get 15% discount on a 2 year plan that is you could get to use 27 months of nord VPN at just $80.73.

15% discount

You can also avail Black Friday Bonus and unlocked 3 months of free VPN by paying approximately $2.99/month.

Black Friday Bonus

Generally the prices are lower for longer commitment so the prices starts from $12.99 and goes up to $80 for 2 years.

Starts from $12.99

Features of not VPN include global coverage, connection upto 6 devices, AES-256 encryption, and zero-logging.

Global coverage

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