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Best Ad Blockers for Firefox in 2024 Features, Price, Pros And Cons

Best Ad Blockers for Firefox

Best Ad Blockers for Firefox Using an ad blocker for Firefox offers numerous advantages. It goes beyond merely avoiding bothersome ads, as ad blockers also safeguard your privacy, security, and personal information. Although advertisements play a significant role in the online world, they can adversely impact your browsing experience. By preventing ads from appearing, you not only conserve mobile data on your phone but also mitigate potential cyber threats.

An effective ad blocker has the capability to block various types of content such as pop-ups, videos, animations, banners, and more. Additionally, many ad blockers can mute cookie consent and newsletter notifications. Some even provide a VPN service to conceal your browsing traffic. To ensure an optimal browsing experience, we conducted extensive testing on numerous Firefox ad blockers and have curated a list of the top four. Continue reading to discover our recommended choices!

About Best Ad Blockers for Firefox in 2024

When it comes to browsing the internet, dealing with annoying ads can be a real pain. That’s where ad blockers for Firefox come in handy. In 2024, there are several top-notch ad blockers available for Firefox that offer a range of features, price points, and pros and cons. Some popular options include uBlock Origin, AdBlock Plus, and Privacy Badger.

These ad blockers work by blocking unwanted ads, pop-ups, and tracking scripts, providing a smoother and more enjoyable browsing experience. However, it’s important to note that while ad blockers can enhance your online experience, they may also disrupt certain websites or affect their revenue streams. It’s always a good idea to consider the features, pricing, and potential drawbacks before choosing the best ad blocker for your needs.

How we selected and tested Firefox ad blockers

We conducted thorough testing and analysis to compile a list of the top ad blockers for Firefox. Below are the key factors we considered:

Independent testing

In order to verify that providers fulfill their promises, we conduct multiple tests. Tests such as Adblock Tester and Can you block it aid us in determining the categories of advertisements a provider is capable of managing.

Additional features

An effective ad blocker does more than just block advertisements. It should also offer extra functionalities, like URL trimming to eliminate tracking parameters. Different customization modes are an indication of the tool’s user-friendliness.

Overall protection

It can be very convenient to have all security tools bundled together. This is why we conducted an analysis of the features offered by each provider to enhance their customers’ security. For instance, a provider that includes a VPN will enable users to safeguard their browsing traffic. Additionally, the inclusion of malware detection enhances the security of their devices.

Platform compatibility

In order to determine the performance of different providers, we conducted tests on a range of devices and browsers. It is crucial for an ad blocker to have good compatibility with the Firefox browser across various desktop and mobile devices. This ensures that you can enjoy protection on all the systems you use.


Numerous providers charge a high price for subpar service. As a result, we assessed the correlation between the price and the value provided by each provider.

Why do you need to block ads on your Firefox browser?

Installing an ad blocker primarily aims to decrease the frequency of ads you encounter. This, in turn, will help conserve bandwidth and enhance your browsing experience by eliminating intrusive ads. However, there are additional reasons why an ad blocker is necessary.

To begin with, ad blockers enhance privacy. Certain advertisers employ tracking cookies to monitor your online behavior, which enables them to engage in targeted advertising. They gain insight into the specific webpages you visit and your subsequent online activities. By blocking tracking cookies, you can safeguard yourself against such intrusions.

There are certain websites that are filled with advertisements, causing annoyance by obstructing the content and slowing down the loading speed. This issue is particularly troublesome on mobile devices, where users have limited data usage and battery life. The most effective solution to enhance speed, decrease data consumption, and improve browsing experience is to utilize an adblocker.

However, the greatest advantage of using an ad blocker is the protection it provides against harmful ads that can infect your computer with malware or secretly track your browsing habits. These malicious ads often result from malvertising attacks, which exploit vulnerabilities in web browsers or browser plugins in order to display unwanted content on websites.

Firefox’s built-in ad-blocking Features

Mozilla Firefox is renowned for being one of the most privacy-focused browsers available. It comes as no surprise that the browser offers a reliable built-in content blocker. This feature has the ability to block two types of content: trackers and cookies. However, there are some important considerations to make regarding the content blocker. The standout feature of Firefox’s content blocking capabilities is Enhanced Tracking Protection. This tool, designed to safeguard users’ privacy while they browse, effectively blocks a wide range of trackers and malware. By default, Firefox has the ability to identify and block various types of trackers and scripts.

The Enhanced Tracking Protection tool is equipped with three modes. The Standard mode enables normal page loading while preventing trackers. It is optimized for sufficient protection and performance. Then, there is the Strict Enhanced Tracking Protection mode which provides even greater effectiveness in blocking trackers. However, it does increase the likelihood of encountering broken websites.

The third mode, Custom mode, allows users to personalize what they wish to block. Although tracking protection aims to enhance privacy, it can sometimes interfere with user experience. Occasionally, Firefox users who have enabled tracking protection may come across websites that appear broken or unusual. This occurs because Firefox needs to block the content in order to block the trackers. Trackers are often hidden within login fields, forms, comments, videos, and other website elements as explained by Mozilla.

Mozilla is continuously working towards improving its tracker protection. Recently, it launched SmartBlock, a smart tool for blocking trackers in Firefox Private Browsing and Strict Mode. This tool significantly enhances the browsing experience by reducing the number of broken websites. But what about cookies? Firefox also allows you to get rid of them. Mozilla recently introduced Total Cookie Protection, which confines cookies to the website that generated them. As a result, it effectively prevents the sharing of cookies with tracking companies.

While both tracking and cookie protection are valuable tools for enhancing your privacy, they are just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to the browsing experience. Therefore, if you’re wondering whether you still need an additional ad blocker for Firefox, the answer is clear – yes, you do. An ad blocker will remove all types of adware. Moreover, choosing a reputable provider like NordVPN Threat Protection will not only give you an ad blocker but also a VPN, malware protection, and other bundled features.

Top 4 Best Ad Blockers for Firefox in 2024

What to look for in the best ad blocker for Firefox?

The ad blocker market offers a lot of variety, but not all software is made equal. To help you pick the best ad blocker for Firefox, we suggest looking at these factors:

Compatibility: App, Firefox extensions
Types of ads blocked: Pop-ups, banners, in-video ads, etc.
Security: VPN, antivirus
Features: Whitelisting, tracker blocker, filters

Blocking quality

In addition to ads, there are other elements like pop-ups, cookie consent notifications, and trackers that you may wish to eliminate from your online experience. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the types of ads that the provider is able to block.

Malware protection

It is widely known that certain advertisements may conceal malware. To safeguard yourself, opt for a service provider that provides malware detection.

User experience

Rephrased: High-quality ad block providers facilitate the process of changing settings and utilizing various features. Conversely, inferior ones can prove to be even more frustrating to navigate than the actual advertisements. The top-notch providers will provide users with free trials and money-back guarantees, enabling them to thoroughly test and familiarize themselves with the product.


Certain ad blockers, particularly those that are offered for free, have a reputation for being untrustworthy. To safeguard your private information and prevent malware from infiltrating your device, it is advisable to select a provider with an impeccable track record. It is crucial to ensure that there have been no recent instances of data breaches or leaks.


In comparison to free ad blockers, paid ones generally offer a greater range of features and protection. Nevertheless, it is important to find a price that is affordable and does not break the bank. Take the time to establish a suitable price range for yourself and make sure that you are receiving all the desired features.

The Best Ad Blockers for Firefox in 2024 Full Detailed list

The providers listed here provide an exceptional service that not only eliminates unwanted content but also addresses common privacy concerns while improving overall online experience. These services are highly recommended for anyone who wants to browse the internet without being interrupted by pop-ups, ads, or malware. In addition, they offer features like ad-blocking, anti-tracking, and password management that ensure users’ privacy and security. With these services, users can enjoy a seamless browsing experience while staying protected from cyber threats and unwanted content.

1. NordVPN Threat Protection: Best Firefox Ad Blocker

Free version: Yes (Free 7-day trial)
Supported platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Brave, Opera, and Edge
Customer support: 24/7 live chat, email, guides and articles, FAQs
Current deal: Holiday deal! Get NordVPN Threat Protection, now 69% OFF!


NordVPN secured the top position on our list due to its exceptionally effective and dependable Firefox ad blocker, known as Threat Protection. This software effortlessly deals with various forms of adware. Whether it’s third-party cookies, harmful banners, intrusive pop-ups, malware, or autoplay video ads, Threat Protection ensures that they vanish without a trace. The most remarkable aspect of NordVPN Threat Protection is its integration of top-notch VPN technology, along with malware and phishing protection. This comprehensive package guarantees comprehensive security against all types of threats and bothersome elements.


NordVPN offers a wide range of security features and enhances user experience. One example is the URL trimming tool, which eliminates tracking parameters connected to URL links. Moreover, the ad-blocking feature effectively prevents the display of undesirable advertisements, thereby reducing loading time.

Test results

NordVPN Threat Protection is an exceptional tool that performs at a high level. During testing on Mac, the provider received an impressive score of 95/100 points from the Adblock Tester. Similarly, when tested on the Firefox extension on Windows, the provider only missed blocking Google Analytics tools and static images. Furthermore, the Can you block it test went extremely well, with the ad blocker successfully blocking all types of ads except for direct link ads. However, this particular type of ad is unlikely to significantly impact your browsing experience.


Experience the benefits of Threat Protection with a complimentary 7-day trial. Following that, you have the option to enhance your subscription to your preferred plan, which starts at just $2.99 per month.


  • Makes pages load faster
  • URL trimming feature
  • Blocks malware
  • Customizable
  • DNS blocking
  • Free 7-day trial


  • No whitelisting

2. Surfshark CleanWeb

Free version: Yes (Free 7-day trial)
Supported platforms: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, FireTV, Android TV
Customer support: 24/7 live chat, email, guides and articles, FAQs
Current deal: Holiday deal! 82% OFF Surfshark CleanWeb 2.0 + 4 months FREE!


Surfshark CleanWeb is an ad blocker that is both effective and affordable, and it comes integrated with a VPN service. This ad blocker has exceptional capabilities when it comes to blocking ads, such as pop-ups, banners, video ads, cookie notices, and trackers. If you are looking for comprehensive security features, CleanWeb is an excellent choice. By opting for the Surfshark One bundle, you can not only block ads but also remove malware, use the Safe Search feature, and safeguard your data with a VPN.


CleanWeb offers a secure search engine that effectively safeguards your browsing habits from trackers. Moreover, you will be notified about any personal data breaches and the websites you visit. To enhance your online security, the provider also includes malware protection. CleanWeb efficiently detects harmful advertisements, thereby ensuring your protection against infections.

Test results

During the testing of the macOS app with Adblock Tester, CleanWeb successfully blocked all content in the Firefox browser except for Google Analytics tools, Gif images, static images, and error monitoring. This resulted in a score of 70/100. In contrast, when the same test was performed on the Firefox extension, it performed flawlessly and achieved a perfect score of 100/100. Likewise, when the Can you block it test was conducted, there were some minor issues encountered with the macOS app, but the performance on the Firefox extension was nearly flawless.


SurfShark CleanWeb is available at an affordable price, starting from just $1.99 per month. Additionally, you have the option to test it out with a complimentary 7-day trial.

3. Atlas VPN Shield

Free version: No (Only the VPN has a free version)
Supported platforms: Chrome, Firefox, Safari,Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows
Customer support: 24/7 live chat, email, guides and articles, FAQs
Current deal: Holiday deal! 85% OFF Atlas VPN Shield!


Atlas VPN Shield ad blocker is a dependable and safe provider that comes with built-in malware protection. In addition to blocking ads, third-party trackers, malware, and video ads, Shield also safeguards against phishing, ransomware, and other forms of attacks. To further enhance security, Shield offers a VPN service. This comprehensive level of protection encompasses all aspects of security, ranging from your browser to your device.


Shield is designed to prioritize the websites you visit, giving extra attention to ensuring your safety. If any malicious activity is detected, it promptly restricts access to the dangerous website, effectively preventing potential infections. Moreover, this ad blocker is highly proficient in tracking and blocking trackers. To witness its effectiveness firsthand, simply refer to the dashboard where you can find a comprehensive list of trackers that Shield successfully identified and blocked.

Test results

Atlas VPN provides effective ad blocking with the use of an AdBlock tester on both Windows and macOS applications. The Shield function successfully blocks all ads on the Firefox browser, with the exception of Gifs, static images, and error monitoring, achieving a score of 74 out of 100. On the other hand, the macOS app scored slightly lower at 68 out of 100 due to its inability to block Google analytics tools, Gifs, static images, and error monitoring. Although the difference in scores is minimal, the overall browsing experience is marginally better on Windows devices. During the Can you block it test, similar results were obtained. Shield was unable to remove certain types of ads such as pop-under ads, video ads, and direct link ads.


While Shield is not offered as a complimentary feature, it is included with every Atlas VPN subscription. The prices are affordable, starting at just $1.64 per month.

4. Proton VPN NetShield

Free version: No (Only the VPN has a free version)
Supported platforms: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows
Customer support: 24/7 live chat, email, knowledge base, FAQs
Current deal: Holiday deal! Get up to 50% OFF Proton VPN NetShield!


Proton VPN, a provider that prioritizes security, offers NetShield, a highly effective ad blocker that provides multiple layers of protection. This feature is designed to handle ads, trackers, and malware threats. As the name implies, Proton VPN includes NetShield as part of its virtual private network service. The noteworthy aspect of this service is the inclusion of a VPN Accelerator. For those who are worried about speed when using both a VPN and an ad blocker simultaneously, this feature ensures a fast connection and optimal performance.


With NetShield, you have complete control over the level of protection that suits your needs. You have the flexibility to disable ad blocking with a single click or choose to keep only the malware detection feature active. Additionally, there is an option available that enables you to block malware, ads, and trackers all at once.

Test results

Like some other providers, NetShield’s application performs more effectively on a Windows device. NetShield received a score of 76/100 points from the AdBlock tester when tested on the Firefox browser. The macOS application test resulted in a score of 68/100. The provider only did not pass the Google Analytics tools, Gif image, static image, and error monitoring tests. However, the results of the “Can you block it” tests were the same on both platforms – NetShield only failed to block direct link ads.


The NetShield ad blocker is exclusively available with the premium Proton VPN subscription, which starts at $4.99/month. This offer is reasonable considering it enables users to have 10 simultaneous connections.

How to turn off the ad blocker on Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox provides a satisfactory built-in content blocker, although it does have some drawbacks. When the content blocker prevents ads and other content containing trackers from loading, it may result in the site appearing broken. To resolve this issue, simply disable the content blocker on the affected website. This approach also functions as a whitelisting feature. The procedure is straightforward:

1. Click on the shield icon to the left of the address bar.

2. Then, toggle the switch at the top of the panel.

How do I block YouTube ads on Firefox?

Advertising plays a significant role in generating revenue for YouTube. Therefore, it can be concluded that prerolled ads are likely to remain a part of the platform. However, it is hard to deny that these ads can be bothersome. They disrupt the browsing experience and often lack relevance. Consequently, you might be wondering how to block YouTube ads on Firefox.

The solution is straightforward – use an ad blocker. Supporting your favorite content creators is one of the few reasons why you may choose to continue viewing ads on YouTube. Many YouTubers depend on ad revenue as their source of income from their content. While disabling the ad blocker will provide support to content creators, the drawbacks of ads may lead you to reconsider this decision.

It is widely known that numerous internet ads are the result of spam or even malicious activity. Some advertisers have the intention of stealing your personal data or infecting your device with harmful software. It is crucial to exercise caution when it comes to clicking on ads. However, using ad blockers can help minimize this risk. Additionally, ads can disrupt the loading time and buffering of videos.

This is particularly concerning for individuals with a slow internet connection or those who share their connection with others. If you have noticed that videos take an excessively long time to load on YouTube, ads may be contributing to the issue. Taking everything into account, opting to block YouTube ads on Firefox will enable you to prevent security threats and enhance both your privacy and overall browsing experience. All you need to do is select a suitable provider.

Are free ad blockers for Firefox safe?

No, the answer is no. It is not safe to use free ad blockers for Firefox. Although we may be enticed by the idea of free services, the reality is that nothing truly comes without a cost. While some free and paid providers may appear similar on the surface, it is important to understand the risks associated with using free ad blockers.

To begin with, free ad blockers do not guarantee the blocking of all ads at all times. After conducting tests on various free providers, we found that their performance was mediocre at best. We encountered issues such as missed pop-ups, an inability to block cookie consent notifications, and even Google analytics tools. These are just a few examples of the problems you may encounter when using free ad blockers.

Free ad blockers often fail not just at ad blocking but also at providing adequate security. Do you recall the Nano Ad blocker breach in 2020? The new developers intentionally manipulated user Instagram accounts by injecting malicious code into the ad blocker, which had been downloaded over 200,000 times.

It is important to note that creating an ad blocker is neither simple nor inexpensive. It requires resources, which is why developers are compelled to find ways to monetize their products. Reputable providers charge a competitive fee and ensure a high-quality product. Conversely, free providers may monitor your online activities and sell this data to third parties.

Is it worth taking the risk with a free ad blocker? Our answer is a resounding no. Considering that there are numerous reliable ad blockers available in the market that offer comprehensive protection for your device without costing a fortune, it is not advisable to gamble with a free ad blocker.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Ad Blockers for Firefox in 2024

How to get rid of ads on Firefox?

One effective method of preventing ads on the Firefox browser is by utilizing an ad blocker. However, it is important to note that free ad blockers may pose security risks. To ensure a safe browsing experience, we suggest considering a trusted provider like NordVPN Threat Protection. This particular service is renowned for its robust security features and exceptional ad-blocking capabilities.

How do I permanently block ads in Firefox?

To ensure a permanent blockage of ads in Firefox, it is necessary to consistently utilize an ad blocker. Ad blockers have the capability to impede the loading of ads on the websites you browse. Additionally, they can obstruct trackers, pop-ups, and cookie consent notifications, as well as provide protection against malware.

How do I add exceptions to Enhanced Tracking Protection?

It is simple to include exceptions to Enhanced Tracking Protection on Firefox. Simply go to the page you wish to exclude and select the shield icon located on the left side of the address bar. Afterward, toggle the switch at the top of the panel. The website will reload, and the tracking protection will be disabled.

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Ad blockers have established themselves as a means of safeguarding users from irritating and potentially harmful advertisements. Additionally, they effectively handle trackers that exploit your browsing habits unbeknownst to you. It is worth noting that these software applications also enhance the web browsing experience by eliminating pop-ups and cookie notifications, thereby reducing frustration. Nevertheless, there is a common misconception that free ad blockers are equally secure compared to their paid counterparts.

In truth, paid ad blocker providers prioritize their reputation and the protection of user data, whereas free providers do not demonstrate the same level of concern. Furthermore, it should be acknowledged that free providers offer subpar blocking capabilities. Our top four best ad blockers for Firefox — Total Adblock, uBlock Origin, NordVPN Threat Protection, and Ghostery — all blocked ads, trackers, and potential malware. All four passed our hands-on tests while browsing the web and with AdBlock Tester and Cover Your Tracks.

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