Best VPN Countries By Server Locations Steps By Steps To Connects With Easy Setup

Best VPN countries by server locations Selecting the appropriate VPN server location is crucial for a pleasant browsing experience. Your server location carries significant weight, impacting your download and upload speeds, latency, access to content libraries, and even data protection measures, as certain countries have strict policies against VPN usage. Thus, by connecting to the correct server, you can fully enjoy the benefits of using a VPN.

In order to present you with a compilation of the most optimal server locations, we conducted an analysis of various countries’ data privacy regulations, content limitations, and other indicators related to privacy. Furthermore, we carried out rigorous testing of these server locations with multiple VPN providers featured in our comprehensive VPN list. Therefore, by continuing to read, you will discover the finest server locations tailored for different VPN uses. Whether your requirements revolve around torrenting, streaming, gaming, or any other specific needs, rest assured that we have got you covered.


Which country is the best for a VPN connection?

1. Switzerland best country for privacy to connect VPN through
2. Spain best VPN country for torrenting
3. The UK the fastest VPN location
4. Panama best country for anonymous VPN connection
5. The United States the best VPN country for streaming

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Although all of the highest-rated VPNs currently offer extensive server lists in various geographical locations, we have carefully selected only the most exceptional options that provide the greatest variety of servers to ensure an optimal VPN experience.

Top 5 VPNs with the best server locations

1. NordVPN  the overall best VPN with 5,900+ servers in 60 countries
2. Surfshark  the most affordable VPN with 3,200+ servers in 100 locations
3. PureVPN feature-rich VPN with 6,500+ servers in 65 countries
4. ExpressVPN excellent security and thousands of servers in 105 countries
5. CyberGhost highly customizable VPN with 10,200+ servers in 100 locations

Best countries to connect to VPN through

Extensive research is conducted to determine the most suitable VPN locations for specific purposes. In compiling our VPN country list, we carefully considered four key factors: adherence to local privacy laws and membership in the 14-eyes alliance, regulations concerning torrenting, availability of streaming services, and internet infrastructure primarily related to speed. The following sections provide comprehensive evaluations of each country, assessing its overall suitability as a VPN location and its appropriateness for specific purposes.

1. Switzerland: The best privacy-focused VPN country

Best VPNs for this country: NordVPN, Surfshark, PureVPN
Member of surveillance groups: No
Torrenting is legal: For personal use
Avg. broadband internet speed: 229.96 Mbps

NordVPN and Surfshark are the two best VPNs with servers in Switzerland

Choosing the right country to connect to a VPN can have a significant impact on your online privacy and security. If you’re searching for a country with relaxed laws around torrenting, excellent internet speed, and no unwanted third-party surveillance, then this country is worth considering. It operates independently and is not affiliated with any alliances or unions that may compromise your online activities. By connecting to a VPN in this country, you can enjoy the benefits of increased privacy and security while browsing the internet.


Switzerland, to the delight of VPN users concerned about their privacy, is not a member of the 14-eyes alliance. Moreover, personal privacy is highly valued in this country. Although Switzerland is not an EU member and therefore not obligated to adhere to GDPR regulations, it has its own Data Protection Act (DPA). This act imposes stringent rules on the collection of personal information by companies, the processing of such data, and the individuals who are granted access to it. The law has recently undergone revisions.


In Switzerland, it is legal to download copyrighted material for personal use. Therefore, you can freely download all 15 seasons of Supernatural on your device without any concerns. However, it is important to note that downloading copyrighted material and sharing it are two different things. Sharing copyrighted material is illegal, so it is advisable to reconsider before becoming a seeder.


In the library of Netflix Switzerland, there are a limited number of exclusive titles that can be accessed by certain VPNs. Additionally, Disney+ and Youtube are also accessible. However, apart from these options, there are not many other streaming services available in Switzerland, except for some local news broadcasters and similar platforms. Therefore, if your sole purpose is to find a VPN location for streaming purposes, Switzerland may not be the most suitable choice.

Internet infrastructure

The speed of your VPN connection may be affected by the internet infrastructure in the country where your chosen VPN is located. Luckily, Switzerland has a predominantly fiber optics network for its internet infrastructure, except for a few rural areas. The internet speed is excellent, whether you are using broadband or mobile services. Therefore, as long as you are not too far from Switzerland, connecting to a VPN server in Zurich, for example, should not significantly impact your baseline speed.

2. Spain: The best VPN country for torrenting

Best VPNs for this country: NordVPN, Surfshark
Member of surveillance groups: 14-eyes alliance
Torrenting is legal: For personal use
Avg. broadband internet speed: 201.47 Mbps

Our list includes VPNs that have servers located in Spain. However, the top choices among them are NordVPN and Surfshark. Spain is regarded as an excellent location for VPN services, particularly for torrenting and streaming purposes. The internet speed should not experience significant decreases. With regards to privacy, we have some conflicting opinions.


Despite being a member of the 14-eyes alliance, Spain is also a member of the EU, meaning that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to all aspects of personal data management. As a result, you have the right to provide or withdraw consent for the collection and use of your personal information. However, it is important to note that any data you choose to share may be shared with other countries if necessary. Therefore, in terms of privacy, Spain can be considered neither an ideal nor an unfavorable VPN location.


Spain is a country where torrenting is legal, and downloading copyrighted materials for personal use is allowed as long as it’s not shared. Therefore, using a server in Spain for torrenting activities can be considered safe and lawful. However, it’s important to note that while torrenting itself is legal in Spain, downloading or sharing certain types of content may still be illegal under international copyright laws. It’s always best to check the legality of the content you’re accessing before engaging in any online activity.


With a collection of more than 7,000 titles, the Netflix library in Spain offers a range of content, some of which may be exclusive. In addition to Netflix, there are several other popular streaming services available, such as Disney+, HBO, Rakuten TV, FuboTV, and more. Therefore, Spain can be considered an ideal location for VPN users who enjoy streaming, particularly if they have a preference for Spanish content.

Internet infrastructure

Spain is aiming to achieve high-speed broadband by 2025, aligning with the objectives of the European Union. In addition, Spain has a highly advanced internet infrastructure, boasting one of the fastest average broadband speeds globally. Moreover, internet coverage in Spain is extensive, meaning that regardless of your location within the country, you can expect reliable internet access.

3. The United Kingdom: Good VPN location for fast connection speeds

Best VPNs for this country: NordVPN, Surfshark, PureVPN
Member of surveillance groups: 5-eyes alliance
Torrenting is legal: No
Avg. broadband internet speed: 102.24 Mbps

Many reputable VPN providers, such as NordVPN, Surfhark, and ExpressVPN, offer servers in the UK. Connecting to the UK is advantageous for privacy, streaming, and fast speeds, particularly if you are located in Europe. Although torrenting in the UK is discouraged, the overall advantages make it a desirable VPN location.


The United Kingdom is a participant in the 5-eyes alliance, signifying their commitment to sharing intelligence with other member nations. Nonetheless, there is no cause for concern for ordinary citizens as the UK has its own Data Protection Act in place, even after its departure from the EU and subsequent exemption from GDPR regulations. This act governs the collection, usage, and retention of personal data, granting individuals the right to request the deletion of their information from databases.


In the UK, it is not completely against the law, as long as there are no copyrighted materials being used. However, if you use P2P sharing for piracy, you may face fines or even imprisonment. Hence, it is not advisable to torrent in the UK without a VPN. Similarly, it is also not recommended to torrent in another country while connected to a VPN server in the UK. It would be better to select a different VPN location.


The United Kingdom is likely the second most favorable place for streaming (following the US) as it offers a wide range of streaming services, including BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and others. The UK Netflix collection is also extensive, consisting of over 7200 titles, some of which are exclusive. Additionally, it is the most convenient European country for accessing blocked streaming services as all reputable VPNs have servers here and can bypass geo-restrictions.

4. Panama: The best VPN location for anonymity

Best VPNs for this country: Surfshark, PureVPN
Member of surveillance groups: No
Torrenting is legal: No data
Avg. broadband internet speed: 137.38 Mbps

Get PureVPN for Panama

Among the VPNs featured on our list, Surfshark, PureVPN, and PrivateVPN are the ones that offer servers in Panama. Although Panama may not be considered an exceptional VPN location, its stringent laws regarding personal data protection have made it a favored choice for both VPN providers and users seeking anonymity.


Panama is the chosen location for VPNs like NordVPN due to specific reasons. Unlike the 5, 9, or 14-eye alliances, Panama is not a part of them. Additionally, Panama has favorable laws that prioritize personal data and privacy protection for individuals. By law, there is no requirement to collect personal data, and informed consent must always be obtained before collecting or using any individual’s data. The legislation governing the protection of private and sensitive personal information is relatively new and was implemented in March 2021. This legislation was partially drafted to align with the GDPR, which has extraterritorial application in certain cases outside of the EU. Overall, Panama proves to be an excellent choice as a VPN location for ensuring privacy.


The extent of knowledge regarding laws in Panama concerning the downloading of copyrighted material for personal use is limited. It is uncertain whether this activity is considered legal or illegal, and it is possible that individuals could face imprisonment if caught. Consequently, we cannot confidently advise on the usage of VPN servers in Panama for torrenting. If you choose to proceed, it should be done with awareness of the potential risks involved.


Panama offers various well-liked streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO Max, Disney +, Paramount, Amazon Prime Video, and others. Although the quantity of titles on Netflix is not extensive, totaling just over 2200, there could be some exclusive content available.

Internet infrastructure

Panama has a well-established internet infrastructure, although the availability and quality of service may vary depending on your location. In urban areas with higher population density, you can expect faster internet speeds. However, if you venture into more remote areas, you may experience an increase in wireless internet costs and a decrease in service quality. Despite this, Panama is considered a reliable location for VPN connections due to its fast internet speeds

5. The United States: The best country for streaming with a VPN

Best VPNs for this country: NordVPN, IPVanish
Member of surveillance groups: 5-eyes alliance
Torrenting is legal: No
Avg. broadband internet speed: 203.81 Mbps

NordVPN, IPVanish, and CyberGhost boast an extensive network of servers throughout the United States. One of the major advantages of using a VPN in this country is the wide range of streaming services accessible, ranging from popular platforms like Netflix to more specialized sports streaming sites. However, it is worth noting that other aspects such as privacy, torrenting capabilities, and internet infrastructure do not fare as well.


The United States is a member of the 14-eyes alliance, and it is generally recognized that the country does not prioritize its citizens’ privacy. This assertion is supported by numerous instances of nation-state surveillance scandals throughout the years. Moreover, personal privacy laws vary from state to state, and there are also discrepancies between federal, state, and local regulations. Consequently, evaluating the overall privacy situation in the entire country is challenging. However, California stands out as a notable state that has taken significant steps to enhance privacy protection through the implementation of the Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). This legislation includes certain restrictions on the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information. Encouragingly, an improved version of the CCPA will be introduced in 2024, while Virginia and Colorado will also enact their own privacy laws during the same year.


Although torrenting itself is not considered illegal, engaging in the act of downloading and distributing copyrighted material through peer-to-peer connections can lead to severe repercussions. If an individual is caught, they may receive a stern warning from their Internet Service Provider, face financial penalties, be subjected to criminal charges, or even end up incarcerated. Furthermore, it is important to note that the United States has a history of shutting down P2P sharing websites, which means that even a seemingly innocent Google search could potentially carry risks. To summarize, we strongly advise against torrenting in the US without utilizing a reliable VPN service.


The United States is widely regarded as the top destination for streaming various forms of content, ranging from TV series and sports to news and entertainment. This country provides access to a plethora of options, making it an ideal choice for streaming enthusiasts. A prime example is Netflix, which boasts the largest library in the US. Additionally, several other prominent streaming platforms such as Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney+, ESPN+, and more originate from the United States. Moreover, many popular movies and shows are often released in the US before anywhere else, offering viewers the advantage of early access.

Internet infrastructure

In the United States, there are four primary ISPs, each with its own designated area of operation. This lack of competition among providers results in a lack of motivation to improve services according to consumer demand. Moreover, recent data from 2021 reveals that a significant number of areas fail to meet the minimum broadband speeds, which are already not set very high. Consequently, if you reside outside major cities, you can expect subpar internet service. Adding to the issue is the long-standing problem of Net Neutrality in the US, which shows no signs of resolution in the near future. Therefore, if you’re seeking a fast internet connection through a US VPN location, it may be advisable to consider connecting elsewhere.

How to choose the best VPN server location

To achieve online privacy and anonymity, it is important to connect to a VPN server in any location. However, if you want to enhance your security measures, it is advisable to carefully select the country for your VPN connection. Here are some tips on how to choose the most suitable VPN server location:

  • See how many servers a VPN has in one location – choose the country or city in which the number of servers is the highest. That way, you can avoid overcrowding and drastic connection speed slow-downs.
  • Do some research on which streaming services in which countries have the titles you want to watch, or stream sporting and other events.
  • Find a country where torrenting for personal purposes is legal.
  • Make sure that your desired country has good internet infrastructure and broadband speeds – if you connect to a location with poor internet, the connection speed will drop drastically.
  • If you want fast speed, choose a server in a country closest to your original location. That way, the VPN connection speed will remain almost the same as the original baseline speed.

Best VPN server locations

For various purposes such as streaming, privacy, online gambling, or speed, any VPN location is likely to be effective. However, certain locations may be more suitable for specific needs. To determine the best countries with VPN servers for each purpose, we conducted thorough research and testing.

What’s the best VPN location for privacy?

Panama and Switzerland are considered the top countries to connect to if you prioritize privacy. These countries have well-established laws that prioritize personal privacy and require consent in any situation involving personal data. Moreover, they are not part of the 14-eyes or any other intelligence-sharing alliances between countries.

What’s the best VPN country for streaming?

If you are in search of a VPN location that is ideal for streaming, both cities in the US and the UK are highly recommended. These locations offer extensive Netflix libraries and give access to popular streaming services like Hulu and HBO Max. Additionally, servers located in European countries can also unblock various regional or country-specific TV channels and streaming sites. For individuals who enjoy anime series or movies, connecting to a server in Japan will allow you to access the vast Japanese Netflix library. Opting for this option is considered one of the best choices you can make.

What’s the best VPN server location for betting?

Canada iCanada is widely considered to be one of the top destinations for betting due to its lenient gambling regulations. Numerous betting websites can be found in Canada, and it is worth noting that several reputable VPNs have servers located in the country, with some even operating in multiple cities.

The UK Another nation with a thriving gambling industry is the United Kingdom, which boasts numerous online gambling platforms. Moreover, any reputable VPN service should have servers in multiple UK locations.

What are the fastest VPN locations?

In most cases, the VPN location that offers the highest speed is the one that is nearest to your current location. The further the distance, the more noticeable the decrease in speed becomes, and vice versa. Therefore, if your primary goal is to enhance your online security, it is advisable to connect to a server that is geographically close to you for optimal speed. However, if you require a VPN connection with excellent internet infrastructure, countries like Switzerland, Singapore, and Romania are recommended choices.

Which VPNs have the most server locations?

There is a disparity among VPNs, as not all of them offer the same features. Specifically, some VPNs have a larger number of servers spread across a wider range of locations compared to others. To help you make an informed decision, here is a concise compilation of five VPNs that boast the greatest number of countries covered.

  1. Surfshark – 100 countries
  2. ExpressVPN – 105 countries
  3. CyberGhost – 100 countries
  4. PureVPN – 65 countries
  5. PrivateVPN – 63 countries
  6. NordVPN – 60 countries
  7. IPVanish – 52 countries

How We Can Tests VPNS?

Testing VPNs is an important step in determining their effectiveness and reliability. There are several methods that can be used to test VPNs, including:

1. Speed tests: By conducting speed tests, you can determine how a VPN affects your internet connection. This involves measuring the download and upload speeds both with and without the VPN enabled.

2. IP leak tests: An IP leak occurs when your true IP address is exposed despite using a VPN. IP leak tests can help identify any vulnerabilities in your VPN’s security by checking for DNS leaks, WebRTC leaks, or IPv6 leaks.

3. Geolocation tests: Geolocation tests can verify whether a VPN successfully masks your location by simulating requests from different locations around the world. This helps ensure that you can access geo-restricted content and maintain online privacy.

4. Security audits: Conducting security audits can provide insight into a VPN’s encryption protocols, logging policies, and overall security measures. External auditors can assess vulnerabilities and determine if the VPN adheres to industry standards.

5. User reviews and ratings: Checking user reviews and ratings on reputable websites can give you an idea of the overall performance and user satisfaction with different VPN services.

By using a combination of these testing methods, you can evaluate different VPN options to find one that meets your specific needs in terms of speed, security, and privacy protection.

Smart Unblocking

Smart unblocking is a revolutionary technology that allows users to access blocked content and websites with ease. Whether you’re trying to stream your favorite TV show that’s not available in your country or access social media platforms that may be restricted in certain regions, smart unblocking has got you covered. This innovative solution works by bypassing geo-restrictions and censorship measures, giving you the freedom to explore the internet without limitations. With smart unblocking, you can enjoy a truly global online experience and unlock a world of possibilities at your fingertips. Say goodbye to frustrating restrictions and hello to unlimited access with smart unblocking.

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Connection length

Connection length refers to the duration of time that two individuals spend together or maintain a relationship. The length of a connection can vary greatly depending on the nature of the relationship and the individuals involved. Some connections are short-lived, such as casual acquaintances or brief encounters, while others can span weeks, months, or even years. The length of a connection can have a significant impact on the depth and intimacy of the relationship, as well as the level of trust and understanding that develops between individuals. It is important to recognize that the quality of a connection is not solely determined by its length, but also by the level of mutual respect, communication, and shared experiences within that timeframe.

Media Consumption

Media consumption refers to the way in which individuals engage with various forms of media, such as television, radio, print publications, and digital platforms. In today’s digital age, media consumption has become more diverse and personalized than ever before. With the rise of streaming services, social media, and online news outlets, people have greater control over what they consume and when they consume it. This has led to a shift in how media is produced and distributed, as companies strive to cater to the individual preferences and interests of their audiences. As media consumption continues to evolve, it is important for marketers and content creators to understand these trends in order to effectively reach and engage with their target audiences.

Protection Pattern

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Proxy Control

Proxy control refers to the ability to manage and manipulate proxy settings within a network. Proxies are intermediaries that act as a bridge between a user and the internet, allowing for increased security and privacy. Proxy control gives administrators the power to configure and modify these settings, such as specifying which proxies to use or bypassing certain websites. This level of control is crucial for organizations that want to enforce internet usage policies, restrict access to certain websites, or monitor network traffic. By having proxy control, administrators can ensure that their network remains secure and that users adhere to company guidelines.

Control On Malware

Controlling malware is a crucial aspect of maintaining the security and integrity of computer systems. Malware, which includes viruses, worms, and ransomware, can cause significant harm to both individuals and organizations. To effectively control malware, it is important to implement several preventive measures. This includes installing antivirus software on all devices, regularly updating software and operating systems to patch vulnerabilities, exercising caution when downloading files or clicking on suspicious links, and regularly backing up important data. Additionally, educating users about safe online practices and implementing strong password policies can also help in controlling malware attacks. By taking these proactive steps, individuals and organizations can minimize the risk of falling victim to malware and protect their sensitive information from being compromised.

Online Secure Activity

Engaging in online secure activity is essential to protect your personal information and maintain your privacy. With the increasing prevalence of cyber threats, it is important to take proactive steps to ensure that your online activity remains secure. This includes using strong, unique passwords for each of your accounts, enabling two-factor authentication whenever possible, and regularly updating your software and antivirus programs. Additionally, it is crucial to be cautious when sharing personal information online and to only provide it on trusted websites. By following these practices, you can minimize the risk of falling victim to cybercrime and enjoy a safer online experience.

Servers Simultaneously

When it comes to managing multiple servers simultaneously, it is important to have the right tools and strategies in place. This can help ensure that all servers are running smoothly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and maximizing performance. One key tool for managing multiple servers is server management software. This software allows you to monitor and control all of your servers from a single interface, making it easier to identify and address any issues that may arise. Additionally, implementing a standardized configuration across all servers can help streamline management and ensure consistency. Regular monitoring and maintenance are also essential for keeping servers running smoothly. By regularly monitoring performance metrics and conducting routine maintenance tasks, you can proactively identify and address any potential issues before they become major problems. Overall, effective server management is crucial for ensuring optimal performance and reliability across multiple servers.

Initial Average Connection Speeds

When it comes to internet connection speeds, the initial average connection speed is an important factor to consider. This refers to the speed at which your device can connect to the internet when you first establish a connection. The initial average connection speed can vary depending on factors such as your internet service provider, the type of connection (e.g., wired or wireless), and the quality of your equipment. It is important to have a fast and stable initial connection speed, as it can greatly impact your browsing experience, especially when streaming videos, downloading files, or playing online games. If you are experiencing slow initial connection speeds, it may be worth considering upgrading your internet plan or troubleshooting any issues with your equipment.

Tweaks And Improvements\

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Supported Devices

Our platform is compatible with a wide range of devices, ensuring that you can access our services no matter what device you prefer to use. Whether you’re using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you can easily navigate our website and take advantage of all the features and functionalities we offer. We understand the importance of flexibility and convenience in today’s fast-paced world, which is why we strive to make our platform accessible on multiple devices. So whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go, you can always stay connected and enjoy our services without any hassle.


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Troubleshooting For Connectivity Issues

When experiencing connectivity issues, troubleshooting can help identify and resolve the problem. Here are some steps to take when troubleshooting connectivity issues:

1. Check physical connections: Ensure that all cables and connections are secure and properly plugged in. Sometimes, loose or unplugged cables can cause connectivity problems.

2. Restart your devices: Power cycling your devices, such as modems, routers, and computers, can often solve temporary connectivity issues. Turn off each device, wait for a few seconds, and then turn them back on.

3. Test other devices: If only one device is experiencing connectivity issues, try connecting another device to the network to see if the problem persists. This can help determine if the issue is with a specific device or the network itself.

4. Check Wi-Fi signal strength: If using wireless connections, check the Wi-Fi signal strength on your device. Weak signals can lead to slow or intermittent connections. Move closer to the router or consider using Wi-Fi range extenders to improve signal strength.

5. Update firmware and drivers: Ensure that your router’s firmware and your device’s network drivers are up to date. Outdated software can sometimes cause compatibility issues that affect connectivity.

6. Disable VPNs or firewalls temporarily: Virtual private networks (VPNs) and firewalls can sometimes restrict or block certain network connections. Temporarily disabling them can help determine if they are causing the issue.

7. Contact your internet service provider (ISP): If you have tried these troubleshooting steps and are still experiencing connectivity issues, contacting your ISP may be necessary. They can provide further guidance and assistance in resolving the problem.

Remember, every connectivity issue is unique, so it may take some trial and error to identify and resolve the specific problem you’re facing.

Privacy, Security & Technical Tests

When it comes to privacy, security, and technical tests, it is crucial to prioritize the protection of sensitive information and ensure that systems are robust and secure. Privacy tests can help identify potential vulnerabilities in data handling processes, ensuring that personal information is properly protected. Security tests, on the other hand, focus on identifying weaknesses in systems and networks to prevent unauthorized access or breaches. Technical tests encompass a wide range of assessments, including vulnerability scanning and penetration testing, which help identify any technical vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious actors. By conducting these tests regularly and addressing any identified issues promptly, organizations can enhance their overall privacy and security measures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which country is the best for torrenting?

In the majority of countries worldwide, it is against the law to download copyrighted content through P2P sharing. Depending on the jurisdiction, consequences may vary from receiving a stern warning from your internet service provider to facing legal prosecution. Nevertheless, there are certain countries that adopt a more lenient approach and choose to overlook such activities, as long as the downloaded materials are intended for personal use and not shared via the same networks they were obtained from. Notable examples of these countries include Switzerland, Spain, and Poland.

In what countries should I use a VPN the most?

A VPN is particularly beneficial in nations where there is extensive surveillance, internet restrictions, and overall control over individuals’ access and activities. Countries like the UAE, China, Iran, Russia, Belarus, Saudi Arabia, etc., can be mentioned as examples. Additionally, a VPN can prove useful in countries that are part of the 14-eyes alliance, including the US.

Should I use a VPN server located in my own country?

If you don’t need to access foreign streaming libraries or restricted websites, and just want an extra layer of online privacy, it is advisable to use a VPN server within your own country. Opting for a server in your own country or a neighboring one can also help maintain a consistent connection speed with minimal drops.

Which country has the fastest VPN server?

The VPN server that offers the highest speed will always be located in the country closest to your current location. Nevertheless, Spain, Singapore, Monaco, Switzerland, and South Korea are among the countries that provide the best internet infrastructure and fastest speeds for VPNs.

Bottom Line

In summary, not every VPN location is suitable for every purpose. Being aware of the appropriate connection for privacy or fast speeds can greatly simplify your online experience. For instance, Switzerland is considered the best country for privacy, while Spain is ideal for torrenting. However, there are other countries that may also meet these criteria. Therefore, when selecting a VPN country, it is crucial to consider factors such as internet infrastructure, availability of streaming services, and any laws or issues related to privacy or VPN usage. Moreover, it’s worth noting that not all VPN providers offer servers in the best locations. Our recommended choice is NordVPN, which boasts over 5,900 servers in 60 global locations. It provides exceptional speeds and advanced security features. We trust that this article has provided you with valuable information on the optimal VPN locations to connect through.

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