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Oeck VPN Review 2024: Plans, Benefits, Features, Pricing, Speed, Performance And More

Oeck VPN Review

Oeck VPN Review The need for Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) is more prominent than ever before. With increasing cyber threats and privacy concerns, it’s important to choose a VPN that can safeguard your online activities. Oeck VPN is one such provider that has been making waves in the market. In this Oeck VPN review, we will take a closer look at its plans, benefits, features, pricing, speed, performance and more. We will also analyze what sets Oeck apart from other VPN providers and evaluate its connection speed and server locations. Additionally, we will examine Oeck VPN’s security measures and protocols along with its support of streaming and torrenting activities. By the end of this review, you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision on whether Oeck VPN is the right provider for you.

Oeck VPN Review 2024

Oeck, a VPN provider based in Australia, takes a unique approach to its services. One of its distinctive features is the use of device profiles. These profiles encompass a range of settings that are applied to all VPN connections, regardless of the specific device or server being used. Essentially, a profile functions as a sub-account with its own username, although it shares the same password as your primary account. The great benefit is that you can create multiple profiles with different settings to cater to various situations or devices. This feature is especially advantageous for those who are not well-versed in technology, as there is no need to navigate through complex settings menus. Instead, you have access to a user-friendly interface that allows for simple configuration of your profile.

Oeck sets itself apart in various ways, one of which is its streaming capability. The quality of its streaming performance is commendable, and its Smart Routing feature simplifies the entire process. By connecting to the region where the content is accessible, Oeck’s Smart Routing automatically directs your connection through the server that offers the best connection. In addition, Oeck has an easily understandable and concise privacy policy (including a warrant canary). It employs robust encryption and firmly adheres to a no-logging policy. Furthermore, it provides an ad blocker and a DNS filter (for blocking specific websites). All of these features are available at a reasonable price.

Overview of Oeck VPN Review 2024

Oeck VPN is highly regarded as a top-tier VPN service provider, offering advanced security features that ensure the protection of user data. It enables private internet access, allowing users to browse anonymously and securely. What sets Oeck VPN apart is its user-friendly apps, making it easy to set up on various devices. Additionally, Oeck VPN guarantees fast and reliable download speeds, ensuring a seamless browsing experience. By incorporating robust security measures and prioritizing user privacy, Oeck VPN establishes itself as a trustworthy VPN option in the market.

Oeck VPN key Information

Average Speed* 106 Mbps
Video Streaming Support 4K UHD
Netflix Yes
Other Streaming Services Paramount+, Hulu, HBO Max
Encryption Type 256-bit AES
Kill Switch Yes
Log Policy No-logging
Protocols OpenVPN
Value for Money
Lowest Monthly Cost $6.97
Money Back Guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee

Oeck VPN pros and cons

Oeck VPN is a popular VPN service that offers both advantages and disadvantages for users. One of the main benefits of Oeck VPN is its strong security features, including encryption and protocols that ensure user privacy and data protection. This makes it an excellent choice for individuals who want to browse the internet anonymously and securely. Additionally, Oeck VPN offers a wide range of server locations, allowing users to access geo-restricted content from anywhere in the world.

However, there are also some drawbacks to consider. One potential downside of Oeck VPN is its limited number of simultaneous connections. Some users may find this restrictive if they have multiple devices or want to share their VPN connection with family members or colleagues. Additionally, while Oeck VPN does offer a free trial, it does not have a free version, which means users will need to pay for a subscription after the trial period ends. Overall, Oeck VPN is a reliable and secure option for those looking to enhance their online privacy and access restricted content. However, users should carefully consider their specific needs and preferences before deciding if it is the right VPN service for them.


  • Good streaming support (Smart Routing)
  • Provides an ad blocker and a DNS filter
  • Zero logs policy
  • Excellent privacy policy and security practices
  • Has a warrant canary
  • Very good customer support


  • No dedicated apps for macOS or iOS
  • Native apps aren’t pretty (at all)
  • Its speeds aren’t great
  • Only supports OpenVPN
  • No live chat
  • A bit expensive
  • Undisclosed VPN network size

How does Oeck VPN compare to other popular VPNs?

No value Oeck VPN NordVPN Surfshark
Average Speed (Mbps) 106 Mbps 196 Mbps 189 Mbps
OpenVPN data encryption 256 bit-AES 256-bit AES 256-bit AES
Kill Switch
Allows Torrenting
Connection logs None Effectively none
Unblocks Netflix US
Unblocks Prime Video
Unblocks Hulu
Unblocks BBC iPlayer
Lowest monthly cost $6.97 $3.99 $2.21
Money back guarantee 30 days 30 days 30 days
Overall rating 7 9.7 9.6
Best deal (per month) $6.97
SAVE 59% on an annual plan
SAVE up to 69% + 3 months FREE

Smart Unblocking

Oeck VPN is here to revolutionize your online experience with its Smart Unblocking feature. Say goodbye to frustrating geo-restrictions and hello to unlimited access to your favorite content from around the world! Whether you’re a binge-watcher craving the latest shows or a globetrotter missing the local news, Oeck VPN has got you covered. With just a few clicks, you can connect to servers in different countries and unlock a world of possibilities. From streaming platforms to social media networks, Oeck VPN ensures that nothing stands in your way of accessing the content you love. So why settle for less when you can have it all? Get ready to explore, discover, and enjoy a truly borderless internet with Oeck VPN’s Smart Unblocking feature. The world is at your fingertips – are you ready to seize it?

Lengthy List Of Benefits

Oeck VPN offers a lengthy list of benefits that will make you want to grab your laptop and start browsing securely right away! First and foremost, Oeck VPN provides you with complete online privacy and anonymity. Say goodbye to prying eyes and hello to peace of mind. But that’s not all! With Oeck VPN, you can also bypass geographic restrictions and access content from anywhere in the world. Want to catch up on your favorite shows while traveling? No problem! And let’s not forget about the lightning-fast speeds that Oeck VPN offers. Buffering? Lagging? Not anymore! Plus, with their user-friendly interface and top-notch customer support, using Oeck VPN is a breeze. So why wait? Join the millions of satisfied users and experience the freedom and security that Oeck VPN has to offer. Your online journey will never be the same again!

Connection length

Oeck VPN offers flexible connection lengths that cater to the diverse needs of its users. Whether you’re looking for a short-term solution or a long-term commitment, Oeck has got you covered. With options ranging from monthly plans to annual subscriptions, you can choose the connection length that best suits your requirements. Maybe you’re traveling and just need a reliable VPN for a few weeks, or perhaps you’re a frequent user who wants uninterrupted protection all year round. Whatever your situation may be, Oeck VPN has the flexibility to accommodate your needs and ensure that your online activities remain secure and private. So why wait? Join Oeck VPN today and experience the freedom and peace of mind that comes with a trusted VPN provider.

Media Consumption

Are you tired of dealing with annoying geo-restrictions and buffering while trying to stream your favorite shows? Look no further than Oeck VPN for all your media consumption needs! With Oeck VPN, you can say goodbye to those frustrating barriers and hello to endless streaming possibilities. Whether you’re binge-watching the latest series on Netflix, catching up on your favorite YouTube channels, or enjoying live sports events, Oeck VPN has got you covered. Our fast and reliable servers located across the globe ensure smooth streaming without any interruptions. So sit back, relax, and let Oeck VPN enhance your media consumption experience like never before!

Protection Pattern

Oeck VPN offers top-notch protection for all your online activities, ensuring that your data remains secure and your privacy intact. Our VPN service uses a unique pattern of encryption that shields your information from prying eyes and keeps you safe from hackers, cybercriminals, and other online threats. With Oeck VPN, you can browse the internet with peace of mind, knowing that your personal information is protected every step of the way. Whether you’re streaming your favorite shows, accessing sensitive banking information, or simply browsing social media, Oeck VPN has got you covered. So why wait? Join thousands of satisfied users and experience the ultimate protection with Oeck VPN today!

Proxy Control

Oeck VPN Proxy Control is the ultimate tool to take control of your online privacy and security. With just a few clicks, you can unlock a world of possibilities and browse the internet with complete peace of mind. Whether you’re streaming your favorite shows, accessing blocked websites, or simply want to keep your personal information safe from prying eyes, Oeck VPN Proxy Control has got you covered. It’s like having your own personal bodyguard for your digital life! Plus, with its user-friendly interface and lightning-fast speeds, you won’t even notice it’s there. So why wait? Take back control of your online experience today with Oeck VPN Proxy Control!

Control On Malware

Oeck VPN is a powerful tool in the fight against malware. By providing a secure and private connection, Oeck VPN allows users to browse the internet without worrying about their personal information falling into the wrong hands. With its advanced encryption technology, Oeck VPN creates a virtual tunnel that shields your data from prying eyes and keeps your online activities safe and secure. But it doesn’t stop there – Oeck VPN also has built-in malware protection features that actively scan for and block malicious software or websites. So not only does it keep your data protected, but it also acts as a shield against those pesky malware attacks that can wreak havoc on your devices. With Oeck VPN, you can browse with confidence, knowing that you have an extra layer of security standing between you and the dangers of the internet.

Online Secure Activity

Are you tired of feeling like your online activity is being watched? Want to browse the web without any worries about your privacy and security? Look no further than Oeck VPN! With our cutting-edge technology and top-notch encryption, we ensure that your online activity remains secure and private. Whether you’re at home, in a coffee shop, or on the go, Oeck VPN keeps your data safe from prying eyes. Say goodbye to restrictions and hello to unlimited access to content from all around the world. Join the thousands of satisfied users who have made Oeck VPN their go-to choice for online security. Don’t wait any longer – take control of your online experience with Oeck VPN today!

Servers Simultaneously

Oeck VPN is a game-changer when it comes to server capacity. With Oeck VPN, you can connect to multiple servers simultaneously, giving you the flexibility and freedom to access content from different regions all at once. It’s like having your own personal network of servers at your fingertips! Whether you’re streaming your favorite shows, downloading files, or browsing the web, Oeck VPN ensures that you have a seamless and uninterrupted connection. Say goodbye to buffering and slow loading times – with Oeck VPN’s simultaneous server feature, you’ll experience lightning-fast speeds and unlimited possibilities. So go ahead, expand your horizons and take control of your online experience with Oeck VPN!

Initial Average Connection Speeds

Are you in need of a VPN that can deliver lightning-fast connection speeds? Look no further than Oeck VPN! With its state-of-the-art technology and optimized servers, Oeck VPN ensures that you never have to compromise on speed. In fact, our initial average connection speeds are among the best in the industry. Whether you’re streaming your favorite shows, downloading large files, or simply browsing the web, Oeck VPN has got you covered. Say goodbye to buffering and lagging – with Oeck VPN, you can experience a seamless and uninterrupted internet experience like never before. So why wait? Join the Oeck VPN community today and take your online experience to new heights!

Tweaks And Improvements

We’re excited to share some exciting news about the recent tweaks and improvements we’ve made to Oeck VPN! Our team has been hard at work to enhance your VPN experience and ensure that you have the best possible online security and privacy. One of the key updates we’ve made is optimizing our server network for faster connections and improved performance. This means that you can now enjoy seamless streaming, lightning-fast downloads, and uninterrupted browsing wherever you are in the world. We’ve also added new server locations to expand our global coverage, giving you even more options to connect securely. In addition, we’ve implemented advanced encryption protocols to safeguard your data and protect your online activities from prying eyes. And as always, our user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to use Oeck VPN, whether you’re a tech-savvy pro or new to virtual private networks. So go ahead, browse with confidence, stream with ease, and stay protected with Oeck VPN!

Supported Devices

Oeck VPN is a versatile and user-friendly virtual private network that supports a wide range of devices. Whether you’re using a Windows or Mac computer, an iOS or Android smartphone, or even a Linux device, Oeck VPN has got you covered. With its intuitive interface and seamless compatibility, Oeck VPN allows you to protect your online privacy and security on all of your favorite devices. So whether you’re working from home on your laptop, streaming movies on your tablet, or browsing the web on your smartphone, Oeck VPN is the perfect companion to keep your data safe and secure. Say goodbye to restrictions and hello to unlimited access with Oeck VPN on any device you choose!


Oeck VPN is the ultimate resolution for all your online security and privacy needs. With its state-of-the-art encryption technology and global network of servers, Oeck VPN ensures that your internet connection is secure and your personal information remains private. Say goodbye to hackers, ISPs tracking your every move, and restricted content. Oeck VPN allows you to browse the internet with complete freedom and peace of mind. Whether you’re streaming your favorite shows, accessing sensitive information, or simply wanting to protect your online identity, Oeck VPN has got you covered. It’s time to take control of your online experience and join the millions of users who trust Oeck VPN for their digital security needs. Don’t wait any longer – get Oeck VPN today and enjoy a safer, more private internet!

Troubleshooting For Connectivity Issues

Are you experiencing connectivity issues with your Oeck VPN? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Troubleshooting connectivity problems can be frustrating, but with a few simple steps, you’ll be back up and running in no time. First, check your internet connection to make sure it’s stable and reliable. If that’s not the issue, try restarting your device and the VPN application. Sometimes a simple reset can do wonders. If the problem persists, try switching to a different server location within the VPN app. This can help resolve any temporary server issues that might be causing the connectivity problem. And lastly, if all else fails, reach out to Oeck VPN’s customer support team for further assistance. They’re always ready to help you get back on track and enjoy a secure and uninterrupted browsing experience. Remember, troubleshooting can be a bit of a puzzle, but with patience and persistence, you’ll overcome any connectivity hurdles with ease!

Privacy, Security & Technical Tests

Are you concerned about your online privacy and security? Look no further than Oeck VPN. With its cutting-edge technology and rigorous testing, Oeck VPN ensures that your personal information remains safe and secure while you browse the internet. But what sets Oeck VPN apart from the competition? It’s their commitment to transparency and technical excellence. Oeck VPN undergoes regular technical tests to ensure that it meets the highest standards of performance and reliability. From speed tests to leak tests, they leave no stone unturned in their quest for perfection. So, if you’re looking for a VPN provider that puts your privacy and security first, look no further than Oeck VPN. Join the thousands of satisfied customers who trust Oeck VPN to keep their online activities private and secure.

The Prominence and Need for VPNs in 2024

In 2024, VPNs are more important than ever for secure internet access. With the increasing online threats, using a VPN has become crucial to protect user data from hacking, tracking, and surveillance. Additionally, VPNs allow users to bypass region restrictions and access streaming services from anywhere. One of the main benefits of VPNs is ensuring anonymity by hiding the user’s IP address. With the prominence of VPNs in 2024, it’s essential to choose a reliable VPN service provider like Oeck VPN to safeguard your online activities.

Choosing Oeck Among Other VPN Providers

When it comes to choosing a VPN provider, Oeck VPN stands out from the rest. One of the reasons is its advanced security features that ensure a secure and private web server connection. Additionally, Oeck VPN offers excellent customer service, including live chat support, which is helpful in case you encounter any issues. Another key feature is Oeck VPN’s strict no-logging policy, which guarantees the privacy of your user account. With leak protection and custom DNS settings, Oeck VPN goes the extra mile to ensure your data is secure and protected.

The Distinctive Features of Oeck VPN

Oeck VPN sets itself apart with its distinct features. For enhanced security, it utilizes RAM servers, ensuring that user data is protected on a web server level. Oeck VPN offers compatibility with various devices, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, providing flexibility for users. With its user-friendly app, connecting to VPN servers becomes effortless. Advanced functionality is made possible through Oeck VPN’s support for port forwarding. Additionally, Oeck VPN features ad blocking, resulting in a smoother browsing experience. These unique features make Oeck VPN an excellent choice for users seeking both security and convenience.

Oeck VPN’s Unique RAM Servers

Oeck VPN stands out with its utilization of unique RAM servers, enhancing data security and privacy. Unlike traditional hard drives, RAM servers do not store any data, ensuring increased protection against data leaks. Additionally, Oeck VPN’s RAM servers offer faster speeds, improving user experiences. By not storing data for extended periods, RAM servers enhance user anonymity. Oeck VPN’s RAM server setup also enhances encryption and security features, ensuring utmost protection for user accounts and VPN connections. With these advanced server technologies, Oeck VPN prioritizes user security and privacy.

Atlas VPN 

Oeck VPN’s Device Compatibility and User-friendliness

Oeck VPN offers seamless device compatibility, ensuring that users can protect their online activities across various platforms. Whether you’re using a Windows PC, macOS laptop, Android smartphone, or iOS device, Oeck VPN has got you covered. But it doesn’t stop there – Oeck VPN is also compatible with routers, allowing you to secure your entire network. With user-friendly apps and intuitive interfaces, Oeck VPN makes setup and usage a breeze. Plus, they support multiple protocols like OpenVPN, WireGuard, and IKEv2, giving you flexibility and choice in your VPN connection. To further simplify the process, Oeck VPN provides step-by-step setup guides for different devices.

Oeck VPN Review

Speed: How fast is Oeck VPN?

Speed is always a major concern, and it’s understandable given that your ISP charges you based on the bandwidth, which refers to the speed. VPN users prioritize privacy but not at any cost. A reliable VPN provider can offer secure encryption without compromising your connection speed. So, how fast is Oeck VPN? Unfortunately, it’s not very fast.

Although the speeds we experienced were not terrible, they were noticeably slower compared to both well-known and lesser-known commercial VPN providers. The following are the average speeds for servers in each region. When evaluating a provider’s speed, we typically test servers in North America, Europe, and Asia. However, Oeck does not have any selectable servers in Asia, so we tested the Australia region instead.

  • North America (where I’m located): 114 Mbps
  • Europe: 101 Mbps
  • Australia: 105 Mbps

Global average: 106 Mbps

Analyzing Oeck VPN’s Performance

Oeck VPN consistently provides high connection speeds, ensuring a seamless browsing experience. Its stable and reliable server performance guarantees uninterrupted access to websites and online services. With server locations strategically placed around the world, Oeck VPN optimizes performance in different regions, allowing users to enjoy fast and reliable connections no matter where they are. The unlimited bandwidth offered by Oeck VPN ensures smooth streaming, downloading, and browsing without any restrictions. Additionally, Oeck VPN’s advanced security features, such as encryption and malware protection, do not compromise connection speeds, providing users with both speed and safety.

Evaluating Oeck VPN’s Connection Speed

Oeck VPN excels in connection speed, making it an excellent choice for streaming and downloading content. With low latency, users can enjoy smooth browsing and online gaming experiences. The server network of Oeck VPN is optimized for speed and performance, ensuring fast and reliable connections across various locations. Additionally, the advanced encryption provided by Oeck VPN does not impact connection speeds, allowing users to enjoy both security and speed. Oeck VPN guarantees consistent speeds across its server locations, providing a reliable and uninterrupted VPN experience.

Oeck VPN’s Server Locations and Their Impact on Performance

Oeck VPN’s extensive server network spans various countries, strategically chosen to optimize performance. These server locations not only provide access to region-restricted content but also ensure low latency for a seamless user experience. Oeck VPN continuously expands its server network, aiming for better performance and enhanced user satisfaction. With their vast web server presence, users can enjoy fast and reliable VPN connections across multiple locations. This eliminates the need for a separate vpn connection for each region and helps ensure that users can enjoy unrestricted browsing and streaming.

Security, privacy, and logging

In order to accurately evaluate the security and privacy practices of a VPN provider, it is crucial to go beyond their marketing claims. Often, marketing materials exaggerate the truth. When examining Oeck VPN’s privacy policy, we quickly identify two important aspects.

  1. It’s very short
  2. It’s easy to read

Oeck VPN work in China?

Finding information about whether Oeck VPN functions in China proved to be a difficult task. Consequently, I decided to reach out to its Support department to inquire about this issue. The response I received from Oeck explicitly declares that, currently, it does not work in China. However, the response also mentions that the company is actively engaged in developing a solution to bypass the Great Firewall of China and expects to make an announcement regarding this matter in the coming weeks. This is certainly positive news, as it shows Oeck’s dedication towards improving its service.

Security Aspects of Oeck VPN

Oeck VPN prioritizes user security by offering advanced features that protect their data. With encryption and leak protection, Oeck VPN ensures that your online activities are safeguarded from unauthorized access. The strict security protocols followed by Oeck VPN guarantee the protection of user data and uphold user anonymity and privacy. Oeck VPN’s regular updates to its security measures address new threats, ensuring that your information remains secure. By incorporating these security aspects, Oeck VPN creates a safe environment for users to browse the web and connect to VPN servers without compromising their privacy or data security.

Oeck VPN’s Security Measures and Protocols

Oeck VPN implements robust security measures and protocols to safeguard user data and protect against cyber threats. The service utilizes military-grade encryption, ensuring that all information transmitted between the user’s device and the web server is secure and encrypted. In addition to encryption, Oeck VPN follows a stringent no-logs policy, guaranteeing user privacy and anonymity. Users have the flexibility to choose from multiple security protocols, including OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, and IKEv2, based on their specific requirements. To further enhance security, Oeck VPN offers features such as a kill switch and DNS leak protection. The service also regularly updates its servers and software to ensure optimal performance and security.

Oeck VPN’s Privacy and Logging Policies

Oeck VPN prioritizes your privacy and security with their strict no-logging policy, ensuring that all your online activities remain private and secure. They go the extra mile by utilizing military-grade encryption, providing an additional layer of protection for your VPN connection. With a range of protocols to choose from, like OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec, you have the flexibility to customize your level of privacy according to your needs. Oeck VPN’s global network of servers ensures fast and reliable connections, regardless of your location. Their pricing plans offer great value, making it an affordable choice without compromising on features and performance.

TorGuard VPN

Oeck VPN pricing

  • Weekly: $3.94
  • Monthly: $9.95
  • Yearly: $83.58 – works out to $6.97 per month

Although these prices are not excessively high, they still surpass what most well-established companies would charge you, especially for an annual subscription. However, the availability of a weekly plan is a positive aspect. It allows users to test the service before making a longer commitment. It would be preferable to witness a reduction in prices, although they are not overly expensive. In addition, all subscriptions include a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Streaming and Netflix

One of the key strengths of Oeck VPN is its ability to facilitate streaming. This is made possible through two notable features: Channels and Smart Routing. I have previously introduced the Channels feature in the App section. With this feature, you have the flexibility to select which streaming channels you would like to access. There are three available settings for this feature: Output:

  • Netflix: The desired Netflix region you wish to have access to.
  • Channel Group A: You have the option to select the “premium” channels that you want to enable. There are two packages available for you to choose from. However, you have the freedom to create multiple profiles according to your preference. Therefore, if you desire access to all of the premium channels, all you need to do is create a profile for each package and easily switch between them.
  • Autochannels: You have the option to access streaming channels in any configuration that you prefer. You can decide whether to activate or deactivate Autochannels. The next feature being discussed is known as Smart Routing. With Smart Routing, there is no need for you to manually choose a server. Instead, you simply select the region of the streaming content, and the Smart Routing feature will automatically direct your traffic through the most suitable server for that particular content.

I conducted a test on this and found that it functioned perfectly (at times). All the streaming platforms that Oeck supports operated smoothly. This includes Netflix, Hulu, Paramount+, and HBO Max. It’s commendable. However, you’ll notice that I didn’t mention some popular choices like Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer. This is because they are not supported and do not function. So, when Oeck does work, it works exceptionally well. Nevertheless, it would be beneficial if Oeck could extend its support to these highly-rated streaming services.

Oeck VPN support split tunneling?

Oeck does not support split tunneling at this time. Split tunneling lets you selectively route your traffic through the VPN tunnel or out your ISP gateway on an app-by-app basis. So with split tunneling, you could send your streaming traffic through your regular ISP connection while routing the rest through the VPN tunnel. Alternatively, you could only send your P2P traffic through the VPN and everything else through your ISP connection. It’s a very versatile feature and can accommodate any routing scenario you can dream up.

How Does Oeck VPN Support Streaming and Torrenting?

Oeck VPN supports streaming with its high-speed servers across various countries, enabling access to popular services like Netflix and Hulu. Additionally, it allows for P2P file sharing and torrenting on specific servers, while ensuring user privacy with its strict no-logs policy.

What Makes Oeck VPN Stand Out in 2024?

Oeck VPN distinguishes itself in 2024 through its strict no-logging policy, military-grade encryption, fast connection speeds, and unlimited bandwidth. With servers in over 50 countries, users have a wide range of options for location spoofing.

Oeck VPN’s customer support?

OeckVPN provides support through an email ticketing system. To access this, simply log into your account and click on the Dashboard icon. From there, select Support and then Technical Support. Within this section, you can create a ticket to send to Oeck’s Support team. I recently submitted a ticket inquiring about Oeck’s service availability in China. Remarkably, I received a response within three hours, showcasing their exceptional support. Furthermore, the reply was concise, courteous, and directly addressed my query. Truly impressive assistance.

Do I recommend Oeck VPN?

Certainly. I believe that Oeck VPN shows great promise as an emerging VPN provider, and increased competition from reputable and reliable providers will benefit VPN users. While Oeck VPN is not flawless, it meets many of the necessary criteria. Its commitment to privacy and security is exceptional, evident in its provision of a warrant canary and an excellent privacy policy written in plain language. Additionally, Oeck offers its users an ad and tracker blocker as well as a customizable DNS filter for blocking specific websites.

The performance for streaming is satisfactory, although it could expand its compatibility with popular streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video and BBC iPlayer. There are also indications from the Support team that the service may soon be available in China.

In addition to its Smart Routing feature, the service also offers automatic routing of traffic through an optimized server for streaming and torrenting purposes. This eliminates the need for users to search for a good connection by “server-surfing”. Furthermore, the port forwarding feature is available on all plans. Areas in which Oeck could enhance its offerings include app design. Not all platforms have native apps, and even where they do exist, the functionality is more important than the aesthetics.

Additionally, Oeck could consider reducing its prices as it is comparatively more expensive than many other “premium” providers. Another aspect that could be improved is speed. While not painfully slow, it falls behind most of our recommended VPN providers. Lastly, we would like to see Oeck incorporate WireGuard support alongside its current support for OpenVPN. Although there is nothing wrong with OpenVPN, WireGuard has the potential to offer faster speeds and would greatly benefit Oeck in this regard.

Oeck VPN Alternatives


ExpressVPN is a highly recognized participant in the commercial VPN industry and enjoys a commendable reputation. Its commitment to privacy and security is unparalleled, with top-notch practices implemented. The VPN servers of ExpressVPN operate using volatile memory (RAM) and boot from read-only disks, ensuring that no residual data (logs) can be found on the system’s hard drives. This outstanding feature greatly enhances user privacy. Although ExpressVPN may be slightly pricier than other commercial VPN providers, it offers exceptional speed, robust security, the ability to unblock streaming sites, and reliable functionality even in China.


NordVPN, a renowned VPN provider, is headquartered in Panama. It has gained fame due to its wide range of features focusing on security, privacy, and convenience. The security aspect is strengthened by ad-blocking, DNS leak protection, strong encryption, and a VPN kill switch. In terms of privacy, NordVPN ensures your data remains confidential with its strict no-logging policy, well-thought-out privacy policy, and anonymous payment options. Additionally, NordVPN offers a user-friendly experience with dedicated P2P servers, native apps for all major platforms, and the ability to connect up to six devices simultaneously (or more when using a VPN router).


Surfshark is a provider that should be taken into consideration. It offers the most affordable VPN service I have come across, with subscription plans beginning at just $2.05 per month. Surfshark exclusively supports secure protocols and is compatible with streaming services. Additionally, it strictly adheres to its no-logging policy and functions effectively in China. Another advantage of Surfshark is that it permits an unlimited number of simultaneous connections. It is certainly worth exploring.

Methodology used for testing

Listed below are the criteria that we employ to evaluate the VPNs we review. It is crucial to maintain consistency throughout our assessments in order to ensure objectivity and avoid comparing dissimilar entities. Hence, we aim to make our evaluation standards available to the public.

  • Speed – The speed of a VPN is extremely important. Slow speeds can be frustrating and can hinder your ability to stream or browse the internet. Our top recommended VPNs performed exceptionally well in our latest speed tests, ensuring that this issue is effectively addressed.
  • Apps & ease of use – In today’s digital landscape, the importance of app design and user-friendliness cannot be overstated. When evaluating client apps, we assess factors such as the user interface (UI), features, compatibility with different operating systems, and level of complexity.
  • Streaming services – Streaming sites can be difficult to access when using a VPN. However, numerous VPN providers assert that they are capable of functioning on streaming platforms, albeit with varying levels of success. In order to recommend a VPN provider for streaming purposes, we conduct tests on different well-known streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, Disney+, Hulu, and more.
  • Torrenting – A large number of VPN users are enthusiastic about sharing files. However, some VPN providers do not permit torrenting on their network, whereas others offer dedicated P2P servers. We thoroughly examine each VPN’s policy regarding file-sharing and conduct tests to assess their performance in this aspect.
  • Security & privacy – This is why VPNs are created initially. We inquire about crucial matters such as the privacy policy of the provider, their logging policy, which encryption protocols the VPN supports, whether it utilizes strong ciphers, if it supports Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS), and if it is susceptible to IP address or DNS leaks. These questions are all significant, and we offer responses to each of them when evaluating the privacy and security practices of VPNs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main features offered by Oeck VPN?

Oeck VPN provides top-notch security with military-grade encryption and a strict no-logs policy. Enjoy unlimited bandwidth, server switching, and access to geo-restricted content with servers in over 60 countries.

How does Oeck VPN’s pricing compare to other VPN providers?

Oeck VPN’s pricing is competitive with other VPN providers. They offer a range of plans, including monthly and yearly subscriptions. The pricing depends on the plan you choose, with longer commitments offering better value. Additionally, Oeck VPN provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, making it a risk-free option to try.

  • Weekly: $3.94
  • Monthly: $9.95
  • Yearly: $83.58 – works out to $6.97 per month

What is the speed and performance of Oeck VPN like?

Oeck VPN offers lightning-fast speeds and exceptional performance. Its advanced technology optimizes the network for reliability and speed. The actual speed and performance may vary depending on your internet connection and server location. You can experience the impressive speed and performance of Oeck VPN by taking advantage of its free trial or money-back guarantee.

Global average: 106 Mbps

Does Oeck VPN offer a free trial or money-back guarantee for new users?

Oeck VPN understands the importance of user satisfaction. That’s why they offer a 7-day free trial for new users to test their service. Additionally, they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. Remember, both the trial and guarantee are available only for the premium plan. Don’t forget to cancel before the trial period ends!

Can Oeck VPN be used on multiple devices simultaneously?

Yes, Oeck VPN allows for simultaneous connections on multiple devices. The number of connections depends on the chosen plan, with options available for up to 10 simultaneous connections. This feature is especially useful for users looking to protect multiple devices at once, such as phones, laptops, and tablets.

Bottom Line

To conclude, Oeck VPN offers a comprehensive package that caters to the growing need for online security and privacy. With its unique RAM servers, wide device compatibility, and user-friendly interface, Oeck VPN ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience for its users. The impressive connection speeds and extensive server locations further enhance its performance. In terms of security, Oeck VPN employs robust measures and protocols to safeguard your data and protect your privacy. Whether you’re streaming your favorite shows or engaging in torrenting activities, Oeck VPN provides the necessary support and ensures uninterrupted access. In 2024, Oeck VPN stands out as a reliable and trustworthy VPN service provider that prioritizes user satisfaction and delivers on its promises.

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