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The Best Antivirus Black Friday Deals + Offers of 2024 With Latest Discount Codes

Best Antivirus Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is the perfect time to score some amazing deals on antivirus software. With the increasing threat of cyber attacks and malware, it’s important to protect your devices with a reliable antivirus program. During Black Friday, many antivirus companies offer significant discounts and special offers on their software. From popular brands like Norton and McAfee to up-and-coming options like Bitdefender and Avast, you can find a wide range of deals to suit your needs and budget. By taking advantage of these Black Friday offers and using the latest discount codes, you can ensure that your devices are protected without breaking the bank. Don’t miss out on these incredible deals – keep an eye out for the best antivirus Black Friday offers of 2024!

Best Antivirus Black Friday Deals

Black Friday 2024 is the perfect opportunity to grab the best antivirus deals and secure your online activities. With top-notch protection at affordable prices, you can enjoy online shopping with peace of mind and without worrying about cybercriminals threatening your payment and personal details. The worldwide Black Friday sales craze is followed by Cyber Monday antivirus deals that are just as impressive. You can take advantage of these deals to get the best antivirus software for your needs and protect yourself against various online threats like viruses, malware, spyware, phishing attacks, and more. Antivirus software is essential for anyone who uses the internet frequently, and getting it at a discounted price during Black Friday or Cyber Monday can help you save money while staying safe online.

Best Antivirus Black Friday Deals + Offers of 2024

Black Friday is the perfect time to score some amazing deals on antivirus software, ensuring that your devices stay protected all year round. With cyber threats becoming more sophisticated, it’s crucial to invest in a reliable antivirus program. Fortunately, the Best Antivirus Black Friday Deals of 2024 have arrived, offering substantial discounts and attractive offers on top-rated security solutions. Whether you’re looking for comprehensive protection for multiple devices or specific features like real-time scanning and firewall protection, these Black Friday deals have got you covered. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to safeguard your digital world at unbeatable prices. Upgrade your antivirus software today and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your devices are safe from online threats.

Best antivirus deals for Black Friday & New Cyber Monday 2024

  1. Cyber Monday! Get TotalAV, now 84% OFF! — Best all-round protection for a bargain price
  2. Cyber Monday! Get up to 78% OFF Norton Antivirus — Top-class security at affordable prices
  3. Cyber Monday! Get Surfshark Antivirus – 83% OFF + 4 months FREE! — All-in-one protection with a huge discount
  4. Cyber Monday! Get Bitdefender for up to 50% OFF! — Market-leading antivirus with exceptional discounts
  5. Cyber Monday! Get NordVPN Antivirus – 68% OFF + 3 months FREE! — Excellent cybersecurity product with great deals

Black Friday & Cyber Monday antivirus deals Full list 2024

This year, we have curated a collection of top antivirus software providers that are offering exciting deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. What’s great about this list is that it offers a wide range of options with different features and price points, allowing you to find the perfect product that suits your specific requirements.


Firewall: Yes
Free version: Yes
Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
Current deal: 🔥 Cyber Monday! Get TotalAV, now 84% OFF!🔥

TotalAV Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal

If you’re in search of the finest all-round antivirus solution, TotalAV has got you covered with its exceptional Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal. It offers top-notch real-time protection against numerous threats, including ransomware, phishing scams, adware, and other online nuisances.

Addition Features In TotalAV

In addition to its robust protection, TotalAV comes packed with a variety of extra features. These include a free VPN, a password manager, and a WebShield extension that shields your device from suspicious websites. You’ll also have access to a system optimizer, an email breach checker, a duplicate photo finder, and a web filter. Moreover, the software is user-friendly thanks to its intuitive interface.


The paid plans offered by TotalAV are already reasonably priced. However, if you take advantage of their Black Friday deal, you will be able to save an impressive 84%.

  • Superb safeguard against any dangers found on the internet.
  • Prompt and efficient replies from customer service.
  • Efficient live protection.
  • User-friendly and uncluttered interface.
  • Abundance of additional functionalities.
  • Complimentary virtual private network (VPN).
  • The browser extension is not as intuitive to operate Restricted to a maximum of six devices for usage

Norton 360

Firewall: Yes
Free version: No
Platforms: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android
Current deal: 🔥 Cyber Monday! Get up to 78% OFF Norton Antivirus🔥

Norton 360 Black Friday deals

Norton Black Friday deals are consistently outstanding when it comes to special offers. Additionally, the product itself is remarkable. Norton has built a strong reputation for providing top-notch protection against various online threats. In fact, it guarantees 100% protection against all types of malware, making it one of the most reliable choices for unwavering cybersecurity.

Additional Features In Norton 360

Norton boasts an undoubtedly impressive range of security features, possibly the most comprehensive among antivirus programs. These include anti-spyware, PC cloud backup, and a password manager. Additionally, the higher-priced plans offer webcam protection to prevent unauthorized access. Regrettably, Norton’s price tag tends to deter some customers, as there are more affordable alternatives available. However, during Black Friday, Norton 360 is offered at a substantial discount, making it significantly more budget-friendly. Currently, it can be purchased at a discounted rate of 78% for the first year!


Take a look at our compilation of the most recent Norton antivirus offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

  • 100% malware protection
  • Market-leading security features
  • Comes with a password manager
  • Free VPN included
  • Cloud storage is a useful extra
  • Good value for money, particularly on Black Friday
  • There are cheaper alternatives out there
  • Not all features are available on iOS

Surfshark AV

Firewall: No
Free version: No
Platforms: Windows, macOS, Android
Current deal: 🔥 Cyber Monday! Get Surfshark Antivirus – 83% OFF + 4 months FREE! 🔥

Surfshark Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal

Surfshark is offering incredible deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, providing comprehensive protection at affordable prices. This antivirus software boasts outstanding scores in detecting malware and offers dependable real-time protection. In our evaluation, it efficiently scanned more than 100,000 files in just over 90 seconds and successfully detected 7 out of 10 potentially harmful files that were planted in the system. Moreover, Surfshark also provides Data Breach Protection to safeguard your personal information from cybercriminals.

Additional Features In Surfshark AV

It is important to note that the Surfshark One package also comes with a high-quality VPN. This VPN has servers all over the world, offers fast speeds, and can unlock a variety of streaming sites. However, the most crucial aspect is that Surfshark VPN encrypts your internet traffic, ensuring your safety while browsing online. At present, you can protect up to 5 devices at an amazing 83% discount! Furthermore, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee in place, allowing you to try out this antivirus software without any financial risks.


  • User-friendly
  • Top-notch VPN included
  • Privacy-oriented
  • Real-time protection
  • Customizable scans
  • No firewall
  • No iOS app


Firewall: Yes
Free version: Yes
Platforms: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
Current deal: 🔥 Cyber Monday! Get Bitdefender for up to 50% OFF! 🔥

Bitdefender Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Bitdefender is known for providing excellent antivirus protection and is currently offering incredible Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. In addition to its malware-fighting capabilities, the software also includes a variety of impressive features. One such feature is ransomware mitigation, which creates a backup of your files, ensuring that you have a spare copy in case of any unfortunate events. This feature can be a lifesaver if you fall victim to ransomware attacks, which are becoming increasingly common in today’s digital landscape. With Bitdefender’s advanced technology, you can rest assured that your files are safe and secure from all kinds of online threats.

Additional Features In Bitdefender

In addition to these benefits, you will also have access to payment protection, anti-spam features, and the use of Bitdefender VPN. While it may not offer as many functions as a dedicated VPN provider, it will provide an additional level of security when browsing the internet. While Bitdefender does offer a satisfactory free plan, opting for a premium plan will give you access to numerous additional features. And this Black Friday, you can get Bitdefender at an incredible 50% discount!


  • Market-leading antivirus protection
  • Free VPN included
  • Protects your files against ransomware
  • Uses Global Protection Network to keep your devices safe
  • Brimming with extra features
  • The VPN is a bit restrictive
  • Paid plans are a bit expensive


Firewall: No
Free version: No (free trial only)
Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS
Current deal: 🔥 Cyber Monday! Get NordVPN Threat Protection, now 69% OFF! 🔥

NordVPN Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

NordVPN Threat Protection is an excellent option for ensuring your safety while browsing the internet. Additionally, this premium provider offers fantastic discounts during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, allowing you to enjoy high-quality services at a significantly reduced price. The inclusion of the Threat Protection feature in NordVPN provides extensive protection against malware, trackers, and malicious ads. As a result, you can have complete security and enhance your online browsing experience.

Additional Features In NordVPN

Threat Protection operates inconspicuously once it is activated, allowing you to continue with your activities uninterrupted. It effectively prevents you from accessing suspicious websites or receiving intrusive pop-ups, banners, and other advertisements. By enabling the VPN connection, your internet traffic will be encrypted using advanced algorithms, making it impossible for unauthorized individuals to decipher your personal information. This ensures that your data remains secure and inaccessible to anyone else. Take advantage of a 69% discount and safeguard up to 6 devices with NordVPN Threat Protection! Additionally, the provider offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for added peace of mind.


  • Powerful ad blocker
  • Real-time download scanner
  • Top-class VPN included
  • Solid protection from trackers
  • Simple to use all-in-one package
  • No real-time system scans
  • No advanced scanning features


Firewall: Yes
Free version: No
Platforms: Windows, Mac
Current deal: 🔥 Cyber Monday! Get Intego, now 60% OFF! 🔥

Intego Black Friday Discount

Intego presents macOS users with an antivirus solution that is packed with features and is available at discounted prices during Black Friday. This comprehensive software provides real-time protection and a firewall, which effectively safeguards against malware, ransomware, and other online threats. Upon installation, you will have access to six individual applications. These include VirusBarrier, NetBarrier, and Personal Backup. These apps are specifically designed to protect your device against viruses and create backups of your data in the event that you encounter a file-encrypting virus. You also have the option to quarantine suspicious files or schedule regular backups at your convenience.

Additional Features In Intego

The Washing Machine, NetUpdate, and ContentBarrier apps are designed to optimize your device’s performance by deleting duplicate files, updating outdated applications, and setting parental controls. These apps can help improve the speed and efficiency of your device, making it run smoother and faster. Additionally, they offer additional features such as virus scanning and malware protection to keep your device safe from threats. By regularly using these apps to maintain your system, you can extend the lifespan of your device and ensure that it continues to perform at its best for years to come.


  • Good virus detection rates
  • Live chat support
  • Slick and modern design
  • Real-time scanning
  • Integrated firewall
  • Complicated pricing system
  • No mobile applications

Trend Micro

Firewall: No
Free version: Yes
Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS
Current deal: 🔥 Cyber Monday! Get Trend Micro, now 54% OFF! 🔥

Trend Micro Black Friday Deals

Trend Micro is a great choice for those who are new to antivirus software. Additionally, the Black Friday deals make it an inexpensive option for first-time users. In terms of security, Trend Micro demonstrated a 100% success rate in detecting the most recent online threats according to evaluations conducted by independent testing laboratories. In our own examination, it successfully detected 8 out of 10 intentionally installed malicious files on the computer system.

Additional Features Of Trend Micro

Moreover, this antivirus software prioritizes your online safety. It offers PayGuard and Folder Shield features which safeguard your online shopping experience (especially during Black Friday) and ensure the security of your documents against ransomware. In addition to that, Trend Micro provides Social Media Privacy Protection, Fraud Buster, Dark Web Monitoring features, and a VPN to enhance your security measures. By taking advantage of the ongoing Black Friday promotion, you can save 54% on the purchase of Trend Micro antivirus. Furthermore, it offers protection for up to 10 devices simultaneously and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Strong protection against online threats
  • Real-time protection
  • 30-day free trial
  • Great desktop app
  • Up to 10 devices with Premium plans
  • No Windows webcam protection
  • No built-in firewall

McAfee Total Protection

Firewall: Yes
Free version: Yes
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Current deal: 🔥 Cyber Monday! Get McAfee, save up to 67% 🔥

McAfee Black Friday Antivirus Offer

If you are unfamiliar with antivirus software and seeking an introductory Black Friday antivirus offer, McAfee Total Protection might be the ideal choice. It is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, whether you use it on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. All the necessary features are conveniently accessible, and in case you encounter any difficulties, McAfee provides exceptional customer service to assist you in resolving any problems.

Additional Features In McAfee

McAfee offers a wide range of robust security features, including advanced ransomware protection and a shredder that aids in the secure destruction of sensitive digital documents. Additionally, its vulnerability scanner ensures that your devices and applications are kept up-to-date and safeguarded against vulnerabilities. Furthermore, it includes a password manager and a feature that enhances the speed at which apps and websites load. Similar to other reputable antivirus brands, McAfee is not inexpensive. However, during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you have the opportunity to save money by purchasing a 2-year subscription for McAfee that covers an unlimited number of devices for only $39.99 per year. This means you will save approximately $90 in total!


  • Great all-round antivirus protection
  • Quick scanner gives you peace of mind in minutes
  • Shredder tool is a useful addition
  • Strong ransomware protection
  • Easy to use
  • Not the best choice for Apple users
  • Speed booster only works on Chrome
  • Confusing pricing plans


Firewall: Yes
Free version: No
Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Current deal: 🔥 Cyber Monday! Get ESET, save up to 50% 🔥

ESET NOD32 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Discount

ESET NOD32 is a secure antivirus solution that offers a range of features to safeguard your devices against malware. It excelled in independent testing, earning flawless scores in three different categories. As a result, it comes as no surprise that ESET is equipped with numerous tools to shield your device from online dangers. Additionally, with the availability of a Black Friday and Cyber Monday discount, it is now more affordable than ever before!

ESET Additional Features

This provider offers robust ransomware protection and multi-platform security for all your devices, regardless of whether you use Windows or Apple. A standout feature of ESET is its anti-theft protection, which not only helps you locate your device but also safeguards your personal information from falling into the wrong hands. Although ESET is considered one of the pricier antivirus solutions, our Black Friday deal allows you to save 50% on the 3-year plan.


  • Strong protection against malware
  • Defends against ransomware
  • Anti-theft protection is excellent
  • Works on Windows and Apple devices
  • Network security scanner works well
  • More expensive than a lot of its competitors
  • No iOS app


Firewall: Yes
Free version: Yes
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Current deal: 🔥 Cyber Monday! Get 1 year of Avira at 65% OFF! 🔥

Avira Black Friday Deals

Avira is included in the list not just because of its generous Black Friday antivirus discounts, but also because it is truly excellent. Independent laboratories have evaluated the software by testing several crucial factors to assist customers in selecting the best antivirus software. One area where Avira excels is in how quickly and efficiently it detects and prevents viruses. In certain tests conducted last year, it successfully blocked all threats, and its most recent performance was 99.3%, which is still considered one of the top performers.

Avira Additional Features

Avira’s remarkable achievements are attributed to its comprehensive collection of security tools. These tools encompass robust defenses against ransomware, as well as safeguards for email and web activities, all in real-time. Additionally, Avira offers a file shredder, password manager, and even a VPN to enhance your cybersecurity. While the free plan is available, Avira Antivirus falls on the higher end of the price spectrum. Fortunately, during Black Friday, you can take advantage of a 65% discount on Avira Antivirus.


  • Near flawless performance in independent lab tests
  • Sophisticated email and web protection
  • A huge range of features
  • Free VPN
  • Excellent browser extensions
  • Not the best customer service
  • The free version doesn’t include web protection

How Does We Have Curated this antivirus Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals list?

We have carefully curated this list of antivirus Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to help you find the best discounts and offers on top-rated antivirus software. Our team has scoured the market to bring you a selection of deals that are worth considering. With the increasing prevalence of cyber threats, having reliable antivirus protection is crucial for keeping your devices and personal information safe. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive security suite or a basic antivirus program, our list features a range of options to suit different needs and budgets. Take advantage of these limited-time offers to ensure that your digital life remains secure without breaking the bank.

Biggest discounts

Undoubtedly, the primary aspect to consider when it comes to Black Friday offers is the discounts available. Hence, we extensively searched for the most favorable deals, with a specific focus on significant price cuts, additional benefits, and complimentary items.

Independent Testing

When searching for antivirus software, the most effective method of determining its security level is by examining independent laboratory tests. We selected only those providers who excelled in these evaluations.

In-house testing

In addition to conducting independent testing, we have also extensively tested antivirus software. We have only endorsed solutions that performed exceptionally well in our internal tests.

Supported Devices

Of course, it is essential to have a product that is compatible with your device. To address this, we have carefully selected a variety of options that are designed to work on different devices and operating systems.

Ease Of Use

We have chosen products that possess a user-friendly interface, effortless setup, and easy navigation to ensure that you are not burdened with antivirus software that is hard to operate.

Additional Features

Since all the antivirus programs on our list meet the necessary requirements, their distinguishing factor lies in their additional features. We have curated a diverse selection of options, each offering unique security functionalities, to assist you in making an informed choice.

Antivirus Black Friday Latest Discount Codes

If you’re looking for the latest discount codes for antivirus software this Black Friday, look no further! This post has got you covered. Black Friday is the perfect time to score great deals on antivirus software to keep your devices protected from online threats. With the increasing number of cyberattacks and data breaches, having a reliable antivirus program is essential. Whether you’re shopping for a new subscription or looking to renew your current one, these discount codes will help you save big on top-notch antivirus protection. Don’t miss out on these exclusive offers and take advantage of the Black Friday discounts to secure your digital world today!

What Should You Have To Look In Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal?

As this is the most significant sales event of the year for many companies, the primary factor to consider when shopping for a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal is the extent of the discount available. This presents an excellent opportunity to secure a great deal, so it is essential to ascertain how much money you will save. However, discounts are not the only aspect to consider. It is also crucial to be on the lookout for any complimentary items, additional perks, or value-added features that contribute to making this deal truly worthwhile. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that numerous retailers offer time-limited deals, so ensure that you check the expiration date of the offer to avoid missing out.

Despite everything mentioned, although Black Friday is the ideal period to discover an exceptional discount on an antivirus subscription that can result in significant savings throughout the year, not all promotions are as impressive as they appear. Ensure that you are obtaining both a quality product and a favorable price. To assist you in this endeavor, we have curated a list of outstanding antivirus providers who will be offering excellent deals during Black Friday.

What should I knows About The Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are widely regarded as the most opportune days of the year to avail amazing discounts on a wide array of products. In reality, these days boast the most competitive prices that one can expect, and it is highly likely that companies will offer discounts specifically during this weekend. Therefore, it is imperative to be prepared and connected online in order to commence your shopping spree promptly as soon as Black Friday commences.

With the increasing popularity of Black Friday, numerous retailers have now extended their sales events to occur in the days leading up to Black Friday, and in some cases, even weeks before. To maximize your chances of finding a great deal, it is advisable to regularly check in with your preferred retailers throughout November. However, it’s important to note that many deals are time-sensitive and may expire within minutes. Therefore, being prompt is crucial.

How do I Can Use antivirus Black Friday & Cyber Monday Coupons?

Certain providers may ask you to utilize a unique link in order to activate a Black Friday or Cyber Monday promotion. Likewise, you might need to enter a code or coupon to guarantee that the appropriate discount is subtracted from your purchase. However, there’s no need to worry because all of the links provided in this article already include preloaded discounts. This means that you can easily avail yourself of these amazing offers without any concerns about activation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best antivirus Black Friday deals?

This Black Friday, you can expect to find numerous excellent deals on antivirus software. However, we anticipate that TotalAV and will have some especially enticing offers. These providers are renowned for their already affordable prices, which are expected to be even lower on this sale day. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you take the time to explore their offerings.

Do Black Friday or Cyber Monday have better antivirus deals?

Generally, the prices on Black Friday are usually quite similar, if not identical, to those on Cyber Monday. Occasionally, though, there may be different product ranges available for the deals on Cyber Monday. Therefore, if you don’t come across a desirable offer on Black Friday, there is a possibility that you might find a more suitable one on Cyber Monday.

How long do antivirus Black Friday deals last?

Service providers typically maintain their prices beyond just Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Frequently, they remain in effect for approximately one week, so it’s essential to stay alert and seize the opportunity to grab a great deal.

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